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Salvage & Spill Response

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Selektope Antifouling

Marine Coatings

The ? rst branded marine coatings to feature the antifouling ingredi- ent Selektope have been launched

CAT’s Marine Asset by Chugoku Marine Paints. Selek-

Intelligence, SpecTec tope’s pharmacological action repels

Collaborate to Cut Costs barnacle settlement on ships’ hulls

Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence

Teekay Axilock Fire by temporarily stimulating the bar- and maintenance management spe-

Proof Coupling nacle larvae’s swimming behavior. cialist SpecTec have combined to

The Teekay Fireproof Coupling fea-

CMP’s new generation ‘SEAFLO reduce ship maintenance costs by tures patented, internal ? re sleeves

NEO’ range of antifoulings make enabling unnecessary maintenance that cannot be lost, damaged or re- the Selektope solution available to be deferred for equipment that is moved. The enhanced Axilock Fire as a high performance product for operating properly and identifying

Proof Coupling replaces the origi- mainstream operations, under two potential failures. The integrated nal internal ? re sleeve with layers separate brands: Sea? o Neo CF Pre- solution utilizes onboard sensor data of advanced ? re proof material. It mium; and Sea? o Neo-S Premium. that is automatically gathered and also gives a more positive lock off analyzed by the Cat Asset Intelli- on torque. Current test conditions gence predictive analytics platform, require couplings to be subjected and then integrated into SpecTec’s to temperatures in excess of 800 computerized maintenance manage- degrees, which Axilock Fire Proof ment system, AMOS. resists with ease.

Oxifree Global unveils Poly- melt Service Gun at ONS

The Polymelt Service Gun (SG1) was developed to allow a way of ? ll- ing in small areas of Oxifree TM198 coating which have been removed

Raytheon Anschütz for inspections, making ? eld main-

Sherwin-Williams Launches launches Standard 30 tenance easier and cost effective.

YouTube Channel

MF Gyro Compass

Oxifree Global developed Oxifree

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Ma-

The new Standard 30 MF gyro is a TM198, Oxitape and the SG1 to rine Coatings has launched a You- second generation of maintenance- tackle the global corrosion epidemic

Tube channel to share helpful videos free gyro compasses from Raytheon which ravages the offshore industry. covering company product and ser-

Anschütz. It provides highly accu- Oxifree TM198 thermoplastic coat- vice offerings. The channel expands rate heading, rate-of-turn, roll and ing is a patent protected, organic, the division’s social media presence pitch information. Featuring an self-lubricating coating for the pro- and offers a new way to share how ultra-robust design and offering su- tection of metal components.

Sherwin-Williams helps protect assets perior lifetime performance, Stan- around the globe. The Sherwin-Wil- dard 30 MF settles at rough-seas liams Protective & Marine Coatings and provides heading output even if

YouTube channel will feature videos speed and latitude input fails. With related to a wide array of markets, in-

Ethernet and CAN-bus interfaces, cluding oil, gas, and marine. cabling efforts are minimized. liamsPMC

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