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cluding a wide variety of ferry opera- C a program, the move to blended learn-

ONCLUSION tors, combines eLearning with various Washington State Ferries, like many ing in maritime operations is a fairly form of in-person learning such as vessel operators, is embarking on a recent phenomenon. And, as more classes and on-the-job training. Stud- major initiative to transform their organizations are willing to share ex- ies and experience have shown that it training practices and outcomes to periences and plans, the entire indus- achieves signi? cantly improved learn- meet the changing needs of a modern try bene? ts through safer operations, ing outcomes. It is also very ef? cient - vessel operator. While they are not the better performance and more ef? cient bringing many aspects of the learning ? rst vessel operator to undertake such and effective training.

to the learner rather than having the learner come to the learning.

Joy Findley is the Training and Credential Manager at WSDOT’s Ferries Di-

One typical approach to blended vision. She holds a Master of Science, Education in the area of e-Learning from learning is having learners initially

California State University and has twenty years’ professional experience as an complete some self-study, and then

Educator, Instructional Designer and Training Manager.

move on to in-person training. The

Murray Goldberg is the Founder and CEO of Marine Learning Systems Inc. self-study is done on-line using com-

He began his eLearning career as a tenured faculty member conducting research pany-vetted best-practice resources. on the effectiveness of web-based learning in the department of Computer Sci-

This ensures that standardized knowl- ence at the University of British Columbia. Most recently, while acting as an edge is delivered and can be used in eLearning consultant with British Columbia Ferry Services Inc, Murray devel- (and relied upon) when the trainee oped a learning management system speci

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