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Canaveral Port Authority

New Leadership at NWF

Harvey Loyd Weinberg Holt Debnath

Emsys Maritime Viega Names Debnath VP of

Allegretti Calhoun

Welcomes Holt as Sales & Marketing

Marine Service Manager

Viega LLC announced Sean Debnath

Emsys Maritime Ltd (UK) has an- as its new vice president of sales and nounced the appointment of Tim marketing. Debnath has more than

Holt who joins the company as Ma- 20 years of industry experience. He rine Service Manager. Holt has an started his career as a hands-on scien- extensive background in the design, tist and gradually transitioned himself installation and maintenance and to the commercial side of the busi-

Mecklenborg Toohey support of maritime emissions moni- ness. Prior to joining Viega, he has

The National Waterways toring technology. He has held senior held vice president and director level positions specializing in complex mar- positions in sales and marketing at

Foundation (NWF) elected Dan

Mecklenborg, Senior Vice Presi- itime and land based emissions mea- Kaydon Corporation, Rexnord and dent, Chief Legal Of

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