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INSIGHTS century. Solutions should be designed to capture the data

Describe the ABS approach to the rapidly developing subchapter M compliance and solution game?

necessary to comply in the normal course of managing

ABS is a Recognized Organization and an approved day-to-day operations, making compliance a byproduct of

Third Party Organization (TPO) of the USCG; so ABS operations not an additional burden.

can provide a custom approach that supports Subchap-

Subchapter M towboat rules: will it make industry ter M compliance during plan review, construction and safer or is it just another paper exercise (think ISM)? throughout service life. ABS is the best single resource

If the approach to safety management and the software providing engineering plan review services to cover all as- pects of design review for compliance with Subchapter M, tools that is used to deliver it is embedded in the opera- including Structural Arrangements, Machinery, Piping, tional process and put into the hands of the crew in an ac-

Electrical Systems and Equipment, Fire Protection and cessible way, then safety culture will be strengthened on a company basis and across the industry. ABS has developed

Lifesaving Equipment. Choosing to utilize ABS Engineer- ing services removes the need to send drawings to multiple its entire application with that approach in mind. individuals or entities based on scope/discipline of their

Many consortiums have been formed to create so- engineering license.

called ‘sub-M’ solutions. These take the form of class

Is the inland industry ready for a software approach societies aligning with software providers and some- to safety – that is to say is technology the answer, or times, survey

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