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MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE security management systems and ple to learn and use – the ‘iPhone’ software, they won’t use it, so Ban- audit support, as well as Subchapter for the market. Part of that process ister says Helm tries to head off any

M. Also in the mix is naval architects is working with partners, whether issues by leveraging the expertise of

NAPA Group, which provide ship customers or actual partners – to in- its partners, to make sure everything design and operation expertise with a ? uence the development of the soft- down to the nomenclature is correct focus on safety and eco-ef? ciency. The ware,” he adds. If crews don’t like in its products. companies are owned by Japan-based

ClassNK, one of the largest classi? ca- tion societies with over 9,000 com- mercial vessels under class and of? ces worldwide, including six in the U.S.

The grouping provides clients with a complete range of services, from new builds, to maintenance tracking and record keeping required under

SubM, to consulting, training, audit- ing and surveying services. “The biggest advantage we’ve had has been SMS, which has been quite integral in helping with the develop- ment of a solution. When we have a new release, it’s been great to have an auditor’s eye go through the software as we build it out,” says Rodger Banister, vice president of marketing. SMS also helped Helm to position its software as the repository for an SMS, says Coo- per Barry, product manager of main- tenance and compliance. “We targeted the speci? c functionality required for a piece of software to manage an SMS.”

As for ClassNK, “they are a great knowledge center for us with all the things happening with the regula- tions, and they are great interpreters of that regulation, so we can make sure our products meet the smell test. It’s like working with experts in house – it’s been fantastic with us,”

Banister enthuses.

On the ? ipside, Banister says

ClassNK was attracted to its installed base in the towing market. “Maybe these customers might be willing to think about a different way to get an

SMS set up or survey done. We give the market choice.” “We want to make great software [that is] as easy as possible for peo- MN 35

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