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MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE in statuary compliance, we have the big- software does exactly what we want to gest network of of? ces – over 30 port customize,” Folan says. A client that of? ces and certi? ed 200 surveyors and wanted to move off paper and go digi- auditors – our af? liated group can help tal, wanted to see the product in action with SMS development and a dedicated ? rst. Working with Helm, TBS was able team of engineers in New Orleans can to create a working demo that won over handle any new construction or review.” the captain, deckhands and anchormen.

One advantage of the ABS network “They took to it like ? sh to water. Com- of port of? ces and manpower, says La- pliance with documentation shot up to

Vire, is that it typically does not have 100% every day. Our way of tracking to move people around to jobs, which nonconformities was simpli? ed. Their cuts down on travel costs for clients. audit feature is phenomenal.”

TBS also works with ClassNK, and

Tug & Barge Solutions & acknowledges that working with two

RINA & SMS & Helm …. class societies doesn’t necessarily please

TBS, as it is known, provides SMS both of them. But, he says, he likes consulting, survey and audit services to keep doors open. When it comes for ISM, RCP and TSMS operators. to recommending TPOs, Folan likes

Once clients decide on an SMS, TBS to look for the out? ts “that have ex- helps them put together a manual perience with the ? eld these guys are with a highly detailed table of con- in,” such as the Towing Vessel Inspec- tents to bring to an entity like class tion Bureau (TVIB), which he says society RINA, which maintains a almost exclusively looks at towing. non-exclusive partnership with TBS. He worries that class societies might “We create a map for certifying au- not know how to interpret what they thorities,” so they don’t have to waste see when stepping onto a 50-ft. tug. time digging around the manual to “What we do with RINA is say, ‘Here ? nd what they are looking for, or even is what you will see in the ? eld;’ they whether it’s there, says founder Pat ride along with us to get a feel.”

Folan. Chipping a few hours off the Beyond the above partnerships and safety evaluation in turn offers clients players are even more options, like a quicker turnaround and a little less Germany’s Spectec, which claims to cost, he adds. offer the only continuously working

Folan has found that building rela- mobile application for subM today; tionships with companies you think TVIB, which is an approved TPO and might be competitors can pay off in provider of training for other TPOs; surprising ways. For example, after and companies like Wheelhouse Tech- working with SMS on an audit, they nologies, which are working on adapt- came to the realization that while in ing their existing ? eet management the same business, they were targeting products to serve Subchapter M needs. different markets and weren’t compet- There’s no shortage of help on the ing. Which got them to talking. horizon, so jump in – the water will “We try to ? gure out how we might be ? ne.

partner, hash out ideas, educate each

Patricia Keefe is a other. We got a good relationship out veteran journalist, editor of it. They have a wealth of experience and commentator who regulatory wise and opened the door writes about technology, for us to [sister company] Helm. business and maritime topics.

And that has been a boon. “Their

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