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Strategic Materials

Glass Abrasive for

Surface Preparation

Strategic Materials air blast abrasive product, TruAbrasives, is made from 100% recycled glass. The crushed glass abrasive was developed through extensive blast and laboratory test- ing. Unlike commonly used abrasives such as silica sand or slags, crushed

Fleet Cleaner Completes glass abrasives do not cause worker

First Hull Cleaning concern for free crystalline silica and

Fleet Cleaner has successfully com- toxic metal exposure. Along with in- pleted its ? rst hull cleaning trial, re- nate health bene? ts, production im- moving fouling of the vessel by using provements will allow for a cleaner, a hull cleaning ROV. Both under- and higher-performance product. above water cleaning was performed by the robot. The use of controllable high pressure waterjets prevents coat- ing damage during the process. All removed fouling is captured and ? l- tered, resulting in an environmental friendly hull cleaning solution. www.?

Carboline Celebrates 70 Years, Re-Opens

Upgraded R&D Facility

Carboline’s St.Louis-based Research & Development Facility recently went through several upgrades. The

Re-Opening also kicks off a year-

New Literature Details long series of celebrations for their

Stronghold Coatings 70th Anniversary. The event in-

Stronghold Coatings’ full-color bro- cluded a ribbon cutting, tours of the chure details polymer and thermal

Marco’s Spraymaster 60 research and development facility, spray solutions to repair, rebuild and

Gallon Heated Coatings Tank and a company luncheon. Carboline improve the performance of mis-

The Spraymaster 60 Gallon Heated produces high quality performance sion critical components. This new

Coatings Tank is used to hold, heat, coatings, linings and ? reproo? ng 6-page brochure introduces Dich- and blend coatings, and the round products in more than 20 manufac- tol capillary sealers, MM 1018 on- tank design allows for even mixing turing facilities around the world.

site repair technology, PlasticMetal and heating. The large capacity tank polymer-bound metal repair materi- features an electric immersion heat- als, and the RepaCoat family of re- er that maintains a consistent tem- pair products. Stronghold is the ex- perature of a liquid solution which clusive North American supplier of transfers heat to the coating materi-

DIAMANT structural repair prod- al, allowing for improved blending ucts for critical applications. by a pneumatically driven agitator.

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