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Propulsion Technology

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Inland Vessels, Market & Conditions

Because 95 percent of commodities arriving in the U.S. that can and will help this market out is an increase in the

Gulf do so in a barge, these vessels are very important, as is volume of hydraulic fracturing sand being moved.

the infrastructure on the rivers upon which they travel. At For open barges, 2016 saw a ? eet decrease of 151 barges a recent presentation given by Ken Eriksen and colleagues (267 retirements, and only 116 newbuilds). At one time coal at Informa Economics, a broad look at inland towboats was the number one commodity on the rivers; today it is and the barges that they propel provided insight into cur- down 30 to 40 percent over recent years. So far this year, coal rent events, past results and what might come next. Ac- numbers, supported by a rebound in exports in

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