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Propulsion Technology

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PRODUCTS 3M SecureFit Protective

Eyewear 600 Series

Job sites are unpredictable, with en- vironmental conditions and tasks that can vary widely from day to day.

In response, 3M Personal Safety Di- vision has expanded its SecureFit

Nova Scotia Fishermen

Protective Eyewear line by offering

Rely on Mustang Survival

AkzoNobel’s Marine more features and deeper personal-

The Gulf Nova Scotia Fleet Plan-

Coatings App ization with the debut of the new ning Board (GNSFPB) has made

Marine coatings customers will now 3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear major investments in safety equip- enjoy anytime, anywhere access to 600 Series. New options include ment which includes 1,200 Mus- critical data with the AkzoNobel Ma-

Scotchgard Anti-fog Coatings and tang Survival immersion suits. As rine Coatings’ International mobile

Photochromic lenses that darken part of a $1.3 million spend, the app. The app provides customers with when exposed to UV light outdoors.

GNSFPB is aligning with new increased convenience and ? exibility safety requirements for commercial in accessing the company’s wealth of ? shing vessels introduced by Trans- coatings data. Designed to provide port Canada, which will go into ef- access to application guides, technical fect this summer. Mustang Survival datasheets, product brochures, infor- immersion suits are designed for mation cards and regional contacts, it ? otation and hypothermia protec- available on the Apple app store. tion when every second counts.


First U.S. Tug Installed with Veth Z-Drives

Barbour JB Shipyard of St. Louis,

Missouri, has laid the keel for a new harbor tug, the ? rst here in the USA that will be powered by Veth Z-drives.

Twin Disc is the distributor for Veth

AquaBlue Multi-Metal

Propulsion in the US, exclusive of the

Cleaner for Fast Degreasing

Bosch Rexroth’s Innovative

Gulf Coast region. The tug will be

Split Hoist System Madison Chemical’s AquaBlue al- powered by twin 750 hp Cummins

Bosch Rexroth’s split hoist heave kaline detergent for removal of dirt, diesels and Veth VZ-700 Z-drives. compensation system supports a oil, grease, sulphurized cutting oils higher working load, while im- or metalworking ? uids exhibits proving system ef? ciency by 80%. superior penetrating and wetting

A passive in-line heave compensa- properties. An excellent water-based tor supports the load and passively cleaner, it is ideally suited for ma- compensates for some of the ship’s chinery, equipment and engines, al- movement. The passive in-line sys- lowing a single cleaner/degreaser to tem is hoisted and held by an ex- replace specialty cleaning products, isting winch or crane. An actively thus reducing inventory costs and controlled winch, mounted on streamlining the process. It can be deck, compensates for the remain- used as a soak, in ultrasonic tanks, ing movement of the load. and with pressure washers. 59 MN

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