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16855 Northchase Drive

Houston, TX 77060

Telephone: (281) 877-6774



CEO/President: Christopher J. Wiernicki

THE COMPANY: To help asset owners tackle the growing risks of mari-

ABS offers support during initial concept design, design time cyber-security, ABS has launched the industry’s ? rst approval, construction and throughout the life of the ves- risk-based management program to help owners and op- sel. The company provides independent and uncompro- erators apply best practice. The ABS CyberSafety program mised perspective on classi? cation and statutory-critical can be applied to a single component or to a multi-system items. ABS is a recognized leader in the development and suite of assets and can be used in tandem with industry assessment of new technology, serving as a trusted technical regulatory mechanisms to achieve secure, sustainable and advisor to the industry. ABS presently operates in 70 coun- measurable asset conditions.

tries, and across North America, the company maintains ABS Nautical Systems, the ABS enterprise ? eet manage- 40 of? ces. The ? rm’s commitment to North America has ment software suite, has launched a new mobile application, seen expanded operations in Canada, and the development NS Workboat. It was developed to help workboat operators of services and software speci? cally geared toward helping gain compliance with the pending Subchapter M regula- workboat owners to gain Subchapter M compliance. tions for towing vessels. The ‘app’ is a mobile solution that is purpose-built for the workboat and inland-shipping sec-

PRIMARY PRODUCT / SERVICE: tors, where ease of use is of paramount importance. Another

Classi? cation is at the core of every product and ser- module, NS Voyage Manager, was purpose built for the ma- vice provided by ABS, where a commitment to safety and rine sector to capture all the data required to meet emerging environmental protection is in our DNA. The drive for MRV regulations and other environmental requirements. innovation has seen ABS rede? ne the role of class and help Both products help to improve the accuracy of reporting, the maritime industry to solve its most pressing safety, reg- are Cloud-based with no additional IT infrastructure re- ulatory and environmental challenges. Beyond traditional quired and can be operated with limited training. classi? cation, ABS offers a suite of technical services that allow designers, builders, owners, and operators to leverage THE CASE: the latest technologies and best practices when developing ABS classed the ? rst workboats to venture into the Gulf their projects. These services include: of Mexico. Today, it classes one-third of the world’s off- shore support vessels. ABS is a recognized Third Party Ver- • Energy Ef

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