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58 South Service Road, Suite 150

Melville, NY 11747

Telephone: (631) 390-4900



CEO/President: Morton S. Bouchard III

THE COMPANY: order to service their customers in the most ef? cient and

Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. has made signi? cant environmentally safe manner possible.

investments over the past ? ve years in a major ? eet expan- sion plan, which recently produced the most impressive and PRIMARY PRODUCT / SERVICE: modern ATB units currently in the industry; the M/V Kim Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. is the nation’s largest

M. Bouchard & B. No. 270 and M/V Donna J. Bouchard independently-owned ocean-going petroleum barge com- & B. No. 272. The expansion also included two new ATB pany. Bouchard’s ? eet includes 26 double-hulled barges tugs; the M/V Frederick E. Bouchard and M/V Morton S. and 25 tugs which feature state-of-the-art equipment and

Bouchard Jr., as well as the conversion of two barges to In- fuel-ef? cient technologies that exceed industry standards. tercon. The recent investments made to expand Bouchard’s Bouchard features one of the youngest ? eets on the water. ? eet have increased fuel-ef? ciency, capacity, speed, and has expanded their ATB ? eet to twenty (20), thus resulting in THE CASE: an operation that continues to perform well above industry The recent investments Bouchard has made to expand standards. Safety also continues to be Bouchard’s top prior- their ? eet have increased fuel-ef? ciency, capacity, and ity, and it is showcased within the design of all new vessels, speed. Additionally, the technological advancements con- as well as within Bouchard’s routine maintenance policies sistently being made to their ? eet allows for an operation and Safety Management System (SMS). The technological that limits risk by providing environmental protection, advancements consistently made to Bouchard’s ? eet allows a safe work environment for the crew, and a reliable ser- for an ef? cient operation that limits risk by providing en- vice for customers. In the early 1990s, Bouchard was the vironmental protection, a safe work environment for the ? rst Jones Act company to build double-hull ocean-going crew, and a reliable service for customers. As Bouchard ATB barges with Intercon, and added hot oil systems to its nears a milestone anniversary of 100 years in 2018, it is barges to reduce downtime and product loss while increas- important to note that their corporate philosophy has re- ing ef? ciency. Beyond this, Bouchard is a tireless supporter mained the same. Bouchard is dedicated and committed of the domestic waterfront and the ? rm has made many to their customers and the safety of their operation, which contributions to mariner training, increased safety on the is driven by investing pro? ts in new, modern equipment in water and many other important initiatives.

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