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AME Appleton Marine, Aspin Kemp &

Solutions Inc. Associates (AKA) 217 SW 28th St

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Tel: (954) 764-2678


Website: 23 Brook Street

CEO/President: Richard Merhige

Montague, PE COA 1RO Canada

Tel: (519) 270-5840


E-mail: 3030 E. Pershing Street

AME specializes in Predictive, Preven-


Appleton, WI USA 54911

Tel: (920) 738-5432 CEO/President: Jason Aspin tative and Corrective Maintenance for

E-mail: rotating and reciprocating machinery.


Since 1992, AME has pioneered the use THE COMPANY:

CEO/President: Frank P. Pierri of the most cutting-edge technologies, AKA manufactures power plants, and state-of-the-art equipment to the di- hybrid propulsion and hybrid power

THE COMPANY: agnostics, maintenance, and repair of ro- systems for all classes of marine vessels.

Appleton Marine designs and man- tating machinery, particularly for private AKA’s XeroPoint hybrid propulsion sys- and commercial vessels. AME’s 24-hour ufactures a wide range of custom ma- rine offshore and shipboard products tem signi

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