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258 Main Street / Suite 204

Milford, MA 01757

Telephone: (508) 473-0545



CEO/President: Robert P. Hill

THE COMPANY: port and another contract design for an AT/B Gas Carrier

OT&BE Corp. is an American naval architecture and for an undisclosed operator. Beyond this, a 950 TEU High marine engineering ? rm that specializes in the AT/B, or full Speed Container Carrier Concept Design for Minyan Ma- oceans, and coastwise service articulated tug/barge design rine was provided as well as one FacetTug At/B tug deliv- ? eld. The ? rm has designed AT/B’s for services as diverse as ered for Reinauer Transportation.

petroleum products service, to crude oil to chemicals, to gas carriers, to container carriers to PSV con? gurations, to Ro/ PRIMARY PRODUCT / SERVICE:

Ro services and others. Robert (Bob) Hill of Ocean Tug & Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering services

Barge Engineering Corp., of Milford, MA has specialized in covering all aspects of AT/B design including concept the design of AT/B’s for many years. Hill’s name – in most design, contract and FEED design, production design, maritime circles – is synonymous with the words “articulated novel concepts, Finite Element Analysis of connection sys- tug/barge systems.” As probably the world’s most experienced tem support structures, lines development, model testing, designer of large articulated tug/barge (AT/B) systems, Hill’s CFD studies, piping, electrical, and machinery systems, success comes, in part, from a willingness to innovate. Ocean structural design and 3d modeling, regulatory compliance,

Tug & Barge Engineering Corporation and Robert Hill are machinery selection, propulsion analysis - with over 23 the co-inventors of the Intercon Connection System. Cur- years experience for the company itself and over 37 years rently, the ? rm is involved in the design of AT/B gas carriers, AT/B design experience for the Principal.

container carriers, clean product and crude carriers, and their attending tugs. Beyond this, the ? rm created the FacetTug THE CASE: concept, and has building to its design, gas carrier barges, pe- This ? rm has been a leader in the development of AT/ troleum carrier barges, and 13 AT/B tugs from 4 to 8000 hp. B’s in the United States since 1994. Hill’s ? rm has had a

Recent deliveries of OT & BE designs include SeaOne hand in over 70% of the operational AT/B’s in service in

Maritime CGL Carrier AT/B’s FEED Design, a Reinauer America – including, 80% of those built or converted since

Transportation 150,000 BBL Ocean Class AT/B, a Savage 1994. In large part due to Bob Hill’s efforts, the AT/B is

Marine 20,000 Ton At/B Ammonia Carrier, three AT/B now a familiar standard in the U.S. ? ag ? eet for coastal, tugs for Moran Towing, two AT/B tugs for Kirby Trans- Jones Act and some inland applications.

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