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Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico. Elastec Hydro-

Fire Boom and American Fire Boom systems removed the most oil among all systems deployed in the Gulf earning the title for the “Longest Continuous Burn of Oil Spill at

Sea.” Elastec’s skimmers are independently tested by Ohm- sett to ASTM standards to verify performance claims.


Elastec also manufactures a full line of oil containment 926 County Road 1350 N

Carmi, IL 62821 boom, BoomVane deployment system, dispersant applica-

Tel: (618) 384-2783 tion systems, work boats, turbidity curtains for protecting

Email: waterways during dredging and construction; debris and


CEO/President: Jeff Cantrell trash containment for intakes and beaches; lagoon baf? es for wastewater treatment plants and barriers for marinas,


Elastec began with the invention of the Smooth Drum swim areas and ? sh protection.

Skimmer. The design was based on a ? ve-gallon bucket that was accidentally tossed into an oil pit. The spinning THE CASE: bucket picked up more oil than water, and the oleophilic In 1990, Elastec began manufacturing oil spill response drum skimmer was born. Today, Elastec is the largest man- equipment. This year, American Marine (a division of ufacturer of oil spill response equipment in North America Elastec) celebrates 50 years of manufacturing booms, bar- and has products in 155 countries. Elastec won the X Prize riers and turbidity curtains. Oil spills, trash, silt, aquatic

Foundation’s Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHAL- weeds – they all ? ow downstream. Driven by the Clean

LENGE with its patented grooved disc oil skimming tech- Water Act and a passion for protecting waterways, Elastec’s nology. The company was also instrumental in managing overarching mission is to develop simple, affordable solu- the controlled burn operation during the 2010 Deepwater tions to keep water clean and marine life healthy.


Euro Marine Ltd. has re-de? ned a hull-form concept that was originally conceived in the early 1950s. That origi- nal concept, had the potential for incorporating advantages of the other popular hull shapes, but eliminated the disad- vantages. As the single engine propeller operation of the

EML “Hydro-Multi-Lift” hull form does not push against the keel of the vessel, the vessel steering is not effected as in

Deep V hull forms, thus the water entering the propeller

E M L .URO ARINE TD 1314 E. Las Olas Blvd. Suite 1024 area is clear of turbulent backwash from the keel. The EML

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 “Hydro-Multi-Lift” hull design is on plane quickly and

Tel: (855) 763-6134

Email: ef? ciently, conserving fuel for longer range and extended

Website: cone of interdiction coverage. The PI-65 is a tactically sized

CEO/President: Bill Rigby

Coastal and Offshore Craft, designed to be a highly reliable combatant craft capable of operating from land or maritime on plane to 50 Knots for the high intercept speed and to set platforms. As the role of the 600-foot warship becomes less coarse set course for simultaneous interdiction. effective in these times of piracy, terrorism and other grow- ing security threats, envision a future where a new Naval THE CASE: concept emerges using a large number of small high-speed Euro Marine Ltd. answers the call for small, Long-range vessels capable of speeds of 50 knots. Upon orders to de- offshore High-Speed Patrol, Interdiction and Surveillance ploy for interdiction, PI-65 gas turbine powered boats can Vessels, capable of operating in severe sea and weather switch from electric APU fuel conservation auxiliary power conditions. Vessels can easily be equipped for law enforce- to main turbines running at 75% power bringing the craft ment, coast guard and military might.

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