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Credit: Tidewater Transportation & Terminals person to shut down a process or otherwise withdraw from dangerous conditions. Crews are expected to adopt a “buddy process” mentality: “You are at fault if you saw someone at risk and you didn’t do anything about it.”

For Rob Carlisle and Bill Bray, the 2011 merger is in- deed an outcome greater than the sum of its parts. “From the time we put it together, we experienced an extreme amount of growth,” Rob Carlisle said. “We continue in growth mode.” With experienced leadership, new equip- ment and operational know-how, growth is no accident.


Unusually tough weather and river conditions? Persis- projects and project sites, maximizing C&B’s equipment tent and challenging market conditions? The search for and personnel. “We’re increasingly getting better at getting synergy and just the right mix of business decisions? No the right mix of horsepower to meet customers’ needs,” problem at all for this trio of inland river professionals. At a time when many operating variables are decidedly nega-

Carlisle explained.

Like all responsible waterways operators, workplace tive, in many different ways, segments and geographical safety is a core principle. C&B is an AWO member and locations, Campbell, Carlisle & Bray and Tidewater all

RCP (Responsible Carrier Program) compliant for over 8 keep rolling – on the river. And, that’s a model that all of industry can emulate.

years. C&B has 5 SIRE boats, adding another level of se- curity for customers. (SIRE is the Ship Inspection Report

Program, an international safety and compliance database that includes tankers and barges, part of a tracking and reporting system within the Oil Companies International

Marine Forum.)

For crews, C&B sets daily digital safety quizzes. Work-

Tom Ewing is a freelance writer specializing in days start with safety meetings to review loads and op- energy and environmental issues.

erations. Crew members have “stop signs,” allowing each 57 MN

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