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C .ORP 927 West Street

Annapolis, MD 21401

Tel: (410) 268-8930



CEO/President: Spencer Schilling

THE COMPANY: and analysis, construction/repair in- signs for ATB bulk carriers.

Herbert Engineering Corp. spection, vessel performance assess- (HEC) is an employee owned corpo- ment and optimization, cargo secur-

THE CASE: ration founded in 1963 with of? ces ing optimization, 3D laser scanning,

HEC is a leading naval architec- in the United States (Alameda, CA and analysis in support of class and ture and marine engineering con- and Annapolis, MD) and several lo- ? ag/port state requirements. Nota- sultant ? rm with many years of ex- cations overseas. HEC is actively in- bly, HEC is joint owner with ABS of perience with both ocean going and volved in the design of ships, marine a leading stability software company, coastwise vessels for both domestic transportation systems, and offshore Herbert-ABS Software Solutions. and international service. Areas of structures. HEC’s primary clients in-

Recent signi? cant contracts in the expertise include new vessel design, clude shipowners, operators, charter- workboat sector include concept de- modi? cations, major repairs and per- ers, shipyards, and government agen- signs for LNG fuel systems, evalua- formance improvement. Clients in- cies. HEC’s primary area of expertise tion of LNG propulsion options and clude many of the major U.S. vessel is in the conceptual, preliminary, preparation of advisories for LNG operators and the U.S. government.

and contract design of commercial bunkering, along with concept de- vessels and selective offshore ves- sels. HEC has extensive experience in newbuildings and conversions of bulk carriers, ATB’s, Ro-Ro’s, LNG carriers, tankers, and FPSO’s. HEC has been fortunate to have relation- ships with clients looking for innova- tive and cost effective solutions, and who are willing to venture beyond “current practice.” HEC services in- clude general naval architecture and marine engineering support services, such as detailed structural design and analysis, mechanical system design MN 69

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