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Thordon Bearings Inc. was incorporated in 1990. Since then, the company has grown to become the global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance, non- metallic journal bearing solutions for marine, pump, hydro-

T BHORDON EARINGS 3225 Mainway turbine, offshore oil and other markets. Simply stated,

Burlington, Ontario ON L7M 1A6 Canada the company provides innovative non-polluting bearing

Tel: (905) 335-1440 solutions that exceed the technical and environmental re-


Website: quirements of ship and boat owners. Thordon engineered

CEO/President: Terry MacGowan polymer bearing solutions can provide long bearing wear life; eliminate oil or grease; operate in dirty, abrasive en- vironments; withstand high shock loads and edge loading.

Thordon Bearing’s RiverTough and TG100 bearing/seal push barge operating in the Great Lakes. The list of Thor- combination has established itself as the leading tail shaft ar- don brown water success stories continues to grow. rangement in the North American workboat sector, extend- ing bearing wear life and reducing maintenance and opera- tional costs. This system can tolerate abrasive waters while THE CASE: traditional bearings remain susceptible to damage. After al- With workboat operational costs and marine environ- most ten years of operation on an Inland Barge Service’s ves- mental sustainability at the forefront of every aspect of sel operating on the abrasive Yukon River, water lubricated Thordon Bearings’ business mode, it is no surprise that bearings emerged unscathed showing no signs of wear and its environmentally safe RiverTough bearings and TG100 tear. Notably, 15 tug/tow boats operated by Impala Termi- seals have become the tail shaft system of choice for vessels nals have been earmarked for conversion, while McAsphalt operating in the abrasive rivers and waterways of the U.S

Marine Transportation installed the system to an articulated and Canada.

Hughes says: “Our New Vessel Construction Program is a commitment we keep to our customers and staff to invest in a safe, modern and standardized ? eet as we work to set the standard of excellence in the maritime industry.” Vane focuses on quality, safety and environmental responsibil- ity while preserving a close-knit, family environment that rewards dedication and loyalty. Vane Brothers has pursued an aggressive New Vessel Construction program that be- gan at the turn of the 21st century. Just in 2016, Vane

T V B CHE ANE ROTHERS OMPANY put into service two 50,000-barrel double-skin tank barges 2100 Frankfurst Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21226 and two 30,000-barrel double-skin tank barges from Con-

Tel: (410) 735-8140 rad Shipyard, as well as four 4,200-hp tugboats from St.


Johns Ship Building and a pair of 3,000-hp tugboats from


CEO/President: C. Duff Hughes

Chesapeake Shipbuilding. Several more vessels have been delivered in early 2017.


Established in 1898, Vane Brothers offers a range of mar- itime services along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. The family- THE CASE: run business has 130 tugboats, barges, AT/Bs, and launches Few companies in the marine transportation industry working out of seven locations: Baltimore, New York, Phil- have grown their ? eet as rapidly and effectively as Vane adelphia, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville. Brothers. In the last decade, the company’s New Ves-

Service extends from New England to the Gulf of Mexico. sel Construction Program has added dozens of powerful

Along with well-trained crews and a sophisticated opera- tugboats that prioritize safety, service, environmental re- tions center, Vane utilizes a ? eet of safe and ef? cient vessels sponsibility, and crew comfort while being matched with to maximize customer satisfaction. Vane President C. Duff robust, double-skin barges. MN 85

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