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sector. For example, coverage for commercial drones and even pet insurance have made their way to the Inland Ma- rine insurance space.

The lower regulatory environment allows the marine and Inland Marine underwriters to be creative to tailor products to the changing needs and exposures in the mar- ket. Expanded versions of older products or combined integrated products are appearing daily to help US busi- nesses manage emerging risks. One example is the logis- tics and supply chain exposures of storing, handling, pick and pack, and transporting goods to meet the needs of the internet buying population. Supply chains can be com- plicated, involving many exposures that once had to be pieced together with the danger of gaps in coverage. Until recently, Inland Marine insurance products have not kept pace with the need to address logistics company’s risk man- agement needs.

Carriers like XL Catlin are focused on addressing these risks with new, more comprehensive Inland Marine cover- ages for logistics risks. The new coverages enable compa- nies to insure risks related to processing, packaging, con- solidation, inventory control, transportation, warehousing and data management, more ef

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