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Salvage & Spill Response

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What’s the key difference (if any) between how U.S. potentially polluting sunken wrecks in U.S. waters, salvors operate and the way international operators known as the Remediation of Underwater Legacy En- run their businesses? What can one sector learn from vironmental Threats (RULET) project. Has there been the other? any movement on this report on 17 high risk wrecks that were recommended for further assessment and

The key difference is that the US market has taken a potential oil removal?

big step in the direction of pre-arranged, regulated, re-

I am pleased to report that there is some positive move- tainer based contracts for salvage response under the OPA 90 Salvage and Marine Fire? ghting (SMFF) Regulations. ment on this front. The U.S. Coast Guard has just re-

This represents a marked contrast in how salvors operate in cently solicited for the assessment of the wreck of the Co- the US compared with the rest of the world. In the U.S., imbra off of Long Island for total pollution potential. This the salvor secures the job well in advance of any casualty wreck has been observed to be leaking oil for some time.

There are several other WW2-era coastal wrecks that are by contracting as the SMFF provider whereas most every- where else, the job is won in a more traditional manner also persistent leakers that clearly represent a substantial on the merits of the salvor’s response capability when and threat of pollution. We are hopeful that these will be acted where the casualty occurs. Salvors that can operate and be on as well.

successful under both systems have the best chance of long

P&I Clubs are concerned about the rising cost of term success; however, I believe there will be a steady trend wreck removal. What should salvors say in response? toward more regulated, prearranged salvage contracts in-

How can both stakeholders work closer and with cluding global service agreements in the future.

more effectiveness?

If you look at market trends over the past couple of years

In 2013, NOAA submitted a report to the U.S. Coast exactly the opposite is true! Salvors are very concerned

Guard after completing an assessment of known and

The Ro/Ro Amadeo 1 wreck removal project off Southern Chile

Credit: Todd Schauer

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