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Salvage & Spill Response

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INLAND WATERWAYS exports continue to increase. Indeed, U.S. soybean exports Jump said while cargo handling capacity in the St. Louis have increased from 20 million tons to 57 million tons region is booming, rail switching capacity is stretched. De- over the past 30 years, and corn exports increased from 32 mands on barge switching are at or over capacity, and the million tons to 57 million tons. American farmer is currently growing near-record crops “In 1985, more than 5 percent of grain barges arriv- again for corn and for soybeans.

ing in the New Orleans Harbors were coming from the In order to keep up with demand, Mary Lamie, Execu-

St. Louis region, and now, that number has increased to tive Director of the St. Louis Regional Freightway, said it is about 30 percent,” said Jump. “The factors that are forcing vital for the bi-state region to continue to invest in roadway growth in the St. Louis region are not going away. There is infrastructure as additional rail and truck traf

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