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Salvage & Spill Response

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Silverships the worst of the post-World War II downturns. And with ers, represented by length in feet: 50MMP- Multi-Mission terrorism on the increase in the past decade and continued Platform; 44FCI- Fast Coastal Interceptor; 41MMP- piracy, governments have found that agile coastal vessels ? t Maritime Police Patrol; 40RHIB-EC- Rigid-Hull In? at- their tight budgets. able Boat, enclosed; 36RHIB; 35SPC- Swat Patrol Craft;

Closer to home, municipalities pooled their precious 35RHIB-EC; 34CCR- Combat Craft Riverine; and resources by using a single platform for SAR, patrol, com- 73FCP- Fast Coastal Patrol. mand centers, ? re? ghting, ? sh and wildlife management, In today’s economic arena, yards designing multi-mis- spill response and much, much more. Cities and counties sion military and paramilitary craft grapple with two ba- have had to watch their spending while protecting resi- sics – materials and equipment. “Cost, product history and dents, and that’s boosted demand for multi-tasking vessels. worldwide availability guide our selections,” Stevens said.

This month, MarineNews looks at how three Gulf Coast “We look to use commercial, off-the-shelf or COTS ma- shipyards are meeting a growing appetite for these ? exible, terials and equipment. We employ commercially available multi-mission workboats. products, with proven quality history, and COTS equip- ment that can be serviced anywhere in world.”

Tampa Yacht chooses materials and equipment carefully Tampa Yacht uses a three-tier, product-sourcing policy “Our main focus is the design, engineering and construc- for just in-time arrival of equipment and materials to meet tion of high-performance, multi-mission military vessels, its contract delivery promises. “Reliable and reputable ma- with platforms offered from 10 to 21 meters in length,” terials and equipment provide a commonality to all our

Stevens said. “They’re custom con? gured for interception; vessels and limit warranty exposure and equipment down- interdiction; take-down; and VBSS--visit, board, search time,” Stevens said. Drawing from an established vendor and seizure.” base helps the company custom-con? gure mission needs

Tampa Yacht produces the following boats, among oth- for each client. “The challenge is to engineer each mission’s MN 27

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