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Salvage & Spill Response

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VESSEL DESIGN req- uisites. With this solution, shipbuilders may propagate modi? cations and check consistency at all times. A ‘Com- about pare & Update’ functionality enables all disciplines to by client requests, work ef? ciently at their own pace while keeping in step new regulatory requirements, contribu- through periodic, controlled comparisons of their work. tor divergence and supplier defaults.

Changes are highlighted, enabling effective prioritiza- Increased overall visibility and improved change man- tion of effort by each discipline to eliminate inconsistencies agement results in compressed design integration time, in a controlled manner. For example, when designing an while at the same time improving end design quality. Zor-

OSV, a process engineer will develop the schematic design lu adds, “It was very easy to implement revisions and create of the water ballast system. This is translated into a 3D new drawings when needed and, as a result, production pump and piping layout by the out? tting designer, who costs were controlled. AVEVA Out? tting enabled us to ef- must also provide cableways for the Electrical & Instru- ? ciently create all the machinery and propulsion elements mentation engineer’s needs and negotiate bulkhead pen- in the vessel.” etrations with the hull designer. Each of these specialists has their own uncertainties to eliminate and, in doing so, Compare and Update will make changes that can impact the work of the others. Unlike design tools that rigidly impose rules at every step, the ? exibility provided by the Compare & Update function

Better Design Spiral with Greater Consistency – included in the Integrated Engineering & Design solution

AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering & Design solution al- – enables provisional, non-compliant design information to lows shipbuilders to maintain full control of their design be created and revised in a controlled manner. This facili- implementations and to manage amendments quickly and tates response to change, whatever the cause. For example, ef? ciently. The synchronized design phases make it pos- a late-emerging requirement to use different engines can be sible to easily manage punctual changes – changes brought assessed for impact by inserting 3D models imported from

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