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Salvage & Spill Response

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NOFIRNO Seals for Diesel

Power Pack Exhaust

Diesel generators in the form of ready-made power packs in contain- ers are vulnerable to water tightness, particularly around the diesel genera- tor’s exhaust. To prevent this, Beele

Damen’s Free Dredge Calculator

Engineering supplies exhaust sealing

Corvus Energy Batteries for

Dredge projects are tendered and systems based on the NOFIRNO

Hybrid Fishing Vessels changed constantly. Consequently, sealing system. The NOFIRNO sys-

Orca ESS from Corvus Energy has dredging contractors have to make tem is a sealing system based on high- been selected to provide 762kWh of new calculations, involving vari- quality NOFIRNO rubber, combin- battery power for three new hybrid ous production parameters, when ing water tightness with extremely

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