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Salvage & Spill Response

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HI-VIS Workwear


Working around water where ANSI-

Unveils New compliant apparel is required de-

Website mands tough, functional gear that

FCI Watermak- delivers all-day comfort. This du- ers’ new website rable, high-performance jacket and has been updated. vest come in hi-vis yellow with orange

Optimized for re? ective tape for increased visibility. mobile, it’s acces-

New Shore Power System

Both provide the comfort and ? t Kent for Workboats sible by a wide

Safety Products technical workwear is

Manufacturers such as Catalina range of devices with the same rich known for, with the added safety of a

Yachts, Fleming Yachts, Marlow- user experience. A clean, uncluttered

US Coast Guard approved life jacket

Hunter, Nordic Tugs and over 50 layout and improved functionality delivering 15.5 lbs. of buoyancy. additional OEMs have embraced delivers easily understandable views the SmartPlug system. Not only of FCI’s complete range of water- does it offer a powerful selling fea- makers. The revised website and in- ture, but it provides customers with tegrated tools enable users to easily a safer, more modern vessel. It fea- and quickly select products most ap- tures a pin and clip design that de- propriate to an application, whether livers more than 20 times the metal- marine, or offshore oil and gas. to-metal contact. The SmartPlug is available in 30 or 50 amp versions. ‘OSCAR’ Vapor-Tight Light Brightens

Wet Environments


The task of lighting chronically wet

Rescue environments like harbor facilities,

Training yards and vessel engine rooms can

Dummy be a challenge. The NVX15GHGA

Recovering someone who incandescent ? xture from Hubbell

RSC Bio Solutions’

Marine is a USCG approved, vapor- has fallen into High Performance tight, non-conductive light ideal for Biodegradable Grease the water is no demanding commercial and recre- RSC Bio Solutions’ RSC Enviro- easy task, es- ational marine applications. Fea- Logic Grease 2 WREP, water re- pecially if the turing a UV-resistant, glass-? lled sistant, biodegradable grease is a victim is un- conscious or thermoplastic polyester box, this ? x- Lithium Complex, extreme pressure ture offers long life and trouble-free EAL designed with polyalphaole? n lethargic due to cold temperatures. lighting in harsh, wet conditions. (PAO) and hydrocarbon related

Training is essential to prepare po- type base ? uids. Compliant with tential rescuers for how dif? cult it the 2013 U.S. EPA VGP, it was for- can actually be. The Training Dum- mulated to meet or exceed the per- my from Emerald Marine Products formance of conventional and bio- is used by safety instructors for degradable greases in applications teaching what it’s like to retrieve a where water resistance is integral to lifeless, 180 lb. adult. the performance of the equipment. 59 MN

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