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MetalCraft’s Interceptor Line of Patrol Craft

U.S. Navy as Force Protection Medium after the Cole inci- dent and MetalCraft sent 24 C-130 certi? ed KPR-28’s and 32’s over to the Middle East for Force Protection. As RIB development changed from the former design philosophy of the collar sitting in saltwater degrading but required for vessel stability to the new age of collar design being used for

MetalCraft has introduced a completely new design in fendering and ? otation but not vessel stability, MetalCraft patrol craft. The name of the new line, The Interceptor, was was already there. The hull design is a blend of variable based on the original boat’s nomenclature and how the de- deadrise (warped hull) and monohedron. MetalCraft con- sign came to be, The Long Range Interceptor II. MetalCraft sulted with the famous Donald Blount & Associates on the has a long history designing RIBs for patrol and SAR mis- radical features of the design. The boat has been tested to sions, dating back to 1984, where they developed the ? rst 60+ knots. The aft deadrise of 22 degrees is surprising as she

SOLAS self righting RIB with a foam collar. The design of handles large seas at speed better than a normal 24 or 25 the Kingston hull shape dated 1987 became the basic hull degree deadrise hull. But the shallower deadrise makes the shape of the MetalCraft RIB program. It was chosen by the boat a very competent Riverine/Offshore blended design.

Master Marine’s M/V Miss Deborah

Master Marine has delivered the ? rst of four 67’ x 28’ ? eet boats to Waterfront Services Co. Each boat will be powered by a pair of Laborde Products S6R2-Y3MPTAW Mitsubi- shi 803 HP tier III diesel marine engines coupled to Twin

Disc MG 5321, 5:1 gears, E300 electronic controls with RW

Fernstrum keel coolers. Electrical power was also provided by Laborde Products, Inc. with (2) Two Northern Lights

M65C13.2S 65KW Tier III electronic controlled generators Son, Inc. provided Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump HVAC with RW Fernstrum, Inc. keel coolers. A pair of Sound Pro- system on all interior spaces with Blakeney Marine providing peller Services, Inc. 70” X 48” X 7” 4-blade stainless steel all custom woodwork and interior ? nishes. Donavon Marine propellers provided thrust through (2) Two J & S Machine provided the large aluminum Diamond SeaGlaze windows

Works 7” ABS Grade 2 propeller shafts with all Thordon Ma- and Dales Welding and Fabricators, LLC supplied the alumi- rine bearings, Thorplas bushings and shaft seals. Gulf Coast num exterior doors. Dickson Marine Supply provided a pair

Air & Hydraulics Inc. provided the steering system and a pair of Wintech 40-ton deck winches and New World, Inc. pro- of Quincy F325 reciprocating air compressors. Schuyler Mar- vided all of the electronics and communications for the vessel. itime LLC provided rubber fendering around the entire pe- All of the boats will be set up with 10,400 gallons of fuel, rimeter of the vessel along with the push knees, ? eet deck with 4,359 gallons of potable water and 9,500 gallons of ballast

MMI installed weld caps between all fenders. R.S. Price & water along with providing a maximum 7’ 9” working draft.

Conrad Shipyard Awarded 9-Barge Contract chor Barges, two (2) Deck Barges, and three (3) Crane

Barges for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company LLC (GLDD), headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois. The four anchor barges will be built at Conrad’s Morgan City Ship- yard, and the deck and crane barges will be built at its shipyard in Orange, Texas. The four Anchor Barges and two Deck Barges are scheduled for delivery during the ? rst

Conrad Shipyard of Morgan City, Louisiana announced and second quarters of 2018; the three Crane Barges are scheduled for delivery in quarters two and three of 2018.

that it has been awarded a contract to build four (4) An-

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