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Seaspan Ferries Corporation (SFC) welcomed two new, Leland, Michigan, on the shores of Lake Michigan, is state-of-the-art dual-fuelled/hybrid (lique? ed natural gas, one of the jewel communities of the state’s Northern Lower diesel and battery) vessels to its ? eet this year during a Peninsula. For many decades, the harbor contracted dredg- double commissioning ceremony held at SFC’s Tilbury ing services to keep the marina clear at permitted depths,

Terminal. The Seaspan Swift and Seaspan Reliant, the ? rst often with funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers eco-ferries of their kind in North America, were built at (ACOE). In fact, Leland Harbor has had to dredge its har-

Sedef Shipyard in Istanbul, Turkey. The 148.9 meter fer- bor mouth and channel 49 times in the last 53 years. With ries, which can accommodate up to 59, 53-foot trailers, federal funding for the job drying up, the community took mark the ? rst new vessels added to SFC’s ? eet since 2002. matters into their own hands and purchased a new 10-inch

Wolverine Class cutter suction hydraulic dredge, manufac-

GREAT LAKES SHIPYARD BUILDS NATION’S FIRST SUBM tured at DSC Dredge’s Greenbush, Michigan, facility. Taking

COMPLIANT, ABS TUG delivery of its Wolverine Dredge in mid-April 2017, a crew

Great Lakes Shipyard has built the ? rst of ten (10) Da- of Leland township employees received full training over the men Stan Tugs 1907 ICE. Delivered in March, this mile- next week, so that they can now rely upon their own resourc- stone marks the beginning of a new construction program es – at a minimal annual cost – to keep the harbor cleared.

to introduce two (2) new harbor tugs per year for the next ? ve (5) years at the Shipyard’s facility in Cleveland, Ohio. RESEARCH VESSEL, W.T. HOGARTH LAUNCHED

Built to ABS Class, GLS Hull Numbers 6501–6510 are The R/V W.T. Hogarth — designed and engineered by the ? rst tugs built to meet the new USCG Subchapter M Boksa Marine Design — was christened and launched on

Regulations. The Great Lakes Towing Company & Great May 23, 2017. The 78’ coastal class research vessel is the

Lakes Shipyard entered into a partnership with Damen, newest addition to the Florida Institute of Oceanography who provided engineering for its proven designs and Great (FIO) ? eet and will help continue the efforts of scienti? c

Lakes Shipyard will receive full construction, design and education and discovery of FIO and its member institu- engineering support from Damen. tions. The $6 million dollar vessel was a necessary upgrade and replaces the nearly 50-year-old R/V Bellows which

ESG DELIVERS FOUR ABS CLASS INLAND RIVER TOWBOATS had served as a ? oating laboratory for 35 years. The new

Eastern Shipbuilding Group recently delivered four (4) vessel will be both longer and wider than its predecessor.

ABS Class Inland River Towboats IWL River. This series It will offer more working space, including separated wet of CT Marine designed 134 foot ABS Classed Inland and dry labs, a larger work deck, separate galley and more

River Service Towboats are Triple Screw with Retractable comfortable arrangements for berthing. Anticipated mis-

Pilothouses. All four towboats were constructed, out? tted sions for the new vessel will include a variety of over-the- and delivered at Eastern’s Allanton Facility. IWL River is side operations including study of marine life, affects of one of Eastern’s newest clients. These towboats will service pollution, water sampling, bioacoustics, sediment coring, the inland waterways of Latin America for Impala Termi- ? sheries research and more.

nals. Impala owns and operates a network of terminals that facilitate global trade ? ows, specializing in warehousing, FIRST TIER IV TUG ON US EAST COAST ARRIVES IN NYC multi-modal logistics and related port services for essential McAllister Towing this year announced the arrival in NY commodities worldwide. of the tug CAPT. Brian A. McAllister, the ? rst in a series

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