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PROPULSION parts if needed because of the commonality. Our modular et, vibration is minimal, and the hull design is highly effec- heads only weigh 40 lbs, allowing for the one-man service tive at reducing wake and wash for minimal environmental concept. If a technician knows how to work on one Sca- impact, which was a key consideration of the client.” nia, he/she knows how to work on any of them.”

Saving weight is the obvious way to reduce fuel con- LOOKING AHEAD sumption and increase performance of any planing vessel. Scania today manufactures a wide range of truck, bus,

All Scania Marine 13L and 16L engines use Compacted marine and industrial engines. A true propulsion pioneer,

Graphite-Iron (CGI) for their blocks. CGI has twice the the company employs approximately 42,000 employees tensile strength of gray iron used in competitor engines, with an annual turnover of $11 billion. In 2016, it cel- but at the same time, is considerably lighter. ebrated its 125th year in the business. The best may be yet

Thanks to the superior power-to-weight ratio and com- to come.

pact dimensions of the Scania marine engines, designers For Scania, the 2016 marine engine sales increase, world- have opportunities to optimize ef

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