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Dredging & Marine Construction

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Underpinning current events is the fundamental truth major equipment projects annually, with actual output dic- that the need for dredging will never go away, and the tated by the size of the projects and man-hours required. recapitalization of existing equipment in this demanding Wetta explains, “Year to year, it can look a little different. trade – here and across the big pond – is always an on- For example; if we had two (2) large custom dredges (say going process. What’s unusual about that reality is that a 24” dredges), then the output might only be 10 dredges

U.S.-based builder can compete, and compete well on the that year. Conversely, if all of the dredges we smaller to international side of the equation. Bob Wetta, President mid-size we might deliver as many as 30.” and CEO of DSC Dredge, says that the key to that success is to keep his

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