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Bouchard Scholars

Lobree Sierra Buzby (L-R) Lawson, Linscott, Bezency & Spalding 2018. SEACOR has engaged ABS to provide the optional BATTERY-Li notation, on three additional OSVs operated by MEXMAR, planned to upgrade to a similar battery system.

The conversion to hybrid power for

SEACOR Azteca, SEACOR Warrior and SEACOR Viking is expected to be completed in July 2018.

Military, Transportation

Leaders Tout Jones Act on

Capitol Hill

The House Armed Forces Subcom- mittee on Seapower and Projection

Forces and Subcommittee on Readi- ness held a joint hearing on Thursday,

March 9 during which MARAD Ad- ministrator Admiral Mark H. Buzby and U.S. Transportation Commander

General Darren W. McDew discussed the signi? cance of the Jones Act for national security readiness. Con- gressman Duncan Hunter asked, “…

Without the Jones Act, without the

Maritime Security Program, without cargo preference, our ability to project the force is in jeopardy. Is that still the case or is that changed?” Admiral Buz- by replied, “Absolutely, sir. The Jones

Act really is the linchpin. It is founda- tional to our merchant marine as it is today. It’s the ships; it’s the mariners, which are critical.”

Texas A&M Students

Awarded Bouchard

Transportation Scholarships

Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc.

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