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Inland Waterways

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William P. Doyle is the CEO Brendan Neligan, CPCU, & Executive Director of the AMIM, is Regional Vice Presi-

Dredging Contractors of dent of Ocean & Inland Ma-

America (DCA). Twice a U.S. rine, at XL Catlin. He can be


Senate con? rmed Presidential reached at 312-821-8890 or

May 2018 appointee to the U.S. Federal

Volume 29 Number 5

Maritime Commission (FMC),

Doyle has, over the course of Richard Paine is a li- a long and celebrated career, censed mariner, certi? ed

Doyle worn many prestigious hats. TSMS & AWO-RCP Lead

Prior to his FMC appointment, Auditor and DPA with over

Mr. Doyle served on cabinet 20 years of maritime and and executive level boards auditing experience rang- and committees under both ing from deep sea, tugs the Obama and George W. & towing, and passenger

Bush Administrations. Before vessels. He is an alumnus that, he served as an of? cer in of SUNY Maritime College the U.S. Merchant Marine as in both undergraduate and a U.S. coast Guard licensed graduate studies. A mem- marine engineer aboard nu- ber of PVA’s Safety & Se-

Ewing Neligan merous classes of vessels. curity Committee, he is currently is the Regional

Tom Ewing is a freelance Director, HSSQE for Horn- writer specializing in energy blower’s NYC Ferry & Stat- and environmental issues. ue Cruises operations.

Paul Johnson is a PhD can- Dr. Craig Philip is Re- didate in the Environmental search Professor of Civil

Engineering program at and Environmental Engi-

Vanderbilt University. He has neering at Vanderbilt Uni- a B.S. in Industrial Engineer- versity and Director of

Johnson Paine ing from Georgia Tech and an Vanderbilt’s Transportation

M.S. in Engineering Manage- Center (VECTOR). He spent ment from Duke University. 35 years in the rail, intermo-

Prior to joining Vanderbilt, dal and maritime industries, he was a Business Manager notably serving as Presi- at Capital One Financial. dent/CEO of Ingram Barge

Company, the largest US

Patricia Keefe is a veteran marine transport carrier. journalist, editor and com- He earned his doctorate in mentator who writes about Civil Engineering from MIT technology, business and and his bachelor’s degree

Keefe Philip maritime topics. from Princeton.

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