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memory and con? dence.

4. The plans facilitate Early and

Open Communication. A common language and terminology are estab- lished and incorporated into the local operational plans. 5. The WAP is a Living Document.

An ongoing regional quality steering committee is empowered to undertake periodic reviews and modi? cations to the document and response “hot-washes” after major extreme weather events to evaluate responses and update the estab- lished triggers.

Despite the external forces – especial- ly the chronic and widespread impact of frequent extreme weather events and perpetually underfunded USACE bud- gets – the system has performed well in its primary mission to safely handle hundreds of million tons of cargo to support the nation’s economy.

Dr. Craig Philip is Re- search Professor of Civil and Environmental En- gineering at Vanderbilt

University and Director of Vanderbilt’s Transporta- tion Center (VECTOR).

He spent 35 years in the rail, intermodal and maritime industries, notably serving as President/CEO of Ingram Barge Com- pany, the largest US marine transport carrier. He earned his doctorate in Civil

Engineering from MIT and his bachelor’s degree from Princeton.

Paul Johnson is a PhD candidate in the Envi- ronmental Engineering program at Vanderbilt

University. He has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and an M.S. in Engineering Management from Duke University. Prior to joining

Vanderbilt, he was a Business Manager at Capital One Financial.

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