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T e last thing that military workboat operators want to worry about is reliable communications. With David Clark Company, they won’t have to.

Edited by Joseph Keefe ni? ng through the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, not ing reliable, robust and versatile communications equip- far from the Zodiac Milpro factory in Maryland, the ment. And, that’s where David Clark comes in.

company’s new ZH-1300 MACH II OB Interceptor To stay out in front of the ever-increasing demands of

K demo boat shows the nimble maneuverability normally asso- the patrol boat market segment, Zodiac Milpro has part- ciated with smaller craft. Among the crew members on board nered with several leading companies in equipping the is Jeanne Metayer, Technical Project Manager for Zodiac ZH-1300 OB. These companies include Simrad for the

Hurricane Technologies. Metayer recently transferred from navigation suite, Seakeeper for gyro stabilization to elimi- the Zodiac of? ce in Singapore to Vancouver, BC, in order to nate boat roll, SHOCKWAVE shock-mitigating seating, work on the development of the new ZH-1300 Interceptor. Current Corp for the latest in day/night vision camera “The 13-meter ZH-1300 is the newest and largest boat systems technology and, of course, the David Clark Com- of our Zodiac Hurricane range. It addresses the needs of pany for its digital communication system.

end users in the military patrol boat market for bigger plat- forms, speed, handling and stability,” said Metayer. All of Crew-to-Crew Communication those intended missions are greatly enhanced by employ- “Special forces, commandos, coast guard, law enforce-

Alex Burton of Zodiac Milpro pilots the ZH-1300 OB demo boat on the Chesapeake wearing a David Clark digital communication headset.

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