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In this case, the ZH-1300 OB Interceptor is designed and wireless communication capability. Wireless ? exibil- for mission-critical operations including marine counter- ity is critical for RHIB/HSC patrol boat crews as it allows terrorism (interception, boarding, and Special Forces in- crew members to move around the vessel untethered to the sertion), border security, law enforcement and ? re support. headset stations, and to disembark if necessary to board

Based on proven 9- and 11-meter MACH II hull models, another vessel while maintaining constant communication the larger size allows for higher payloads and more deck with crew members. space to meet the needs of military and professional users, The ZH-1300 OB is ? tted with a dual console which while also providing better seakeeping and higher speed features a pilot and navigator in the forward positions, capability in rough water conditions. and communication and team commander positions at

The vessel is propelled by four 350 HP Mercury engines. the aft console, all with drop-down, shock-mitigation seat- “The ZH-1300 OB has a maximum speed of 55+ knots in ing. Additionally, the craft features seven shock-mitigating full load conditions. And with a 1,893 liter (approx. 500 gal- jockey seats – one in the far forward position and three lon) fuel capacity, she can traverse 350 nautical miles at 35 duo seats in the rear aft. All headset stations are compatible knots,” said Metayer. With those kinds of capabilities and with wired and/or wireless capability, providing maximum speeds, the last thing crewmembers want to ? ddle with is a versatility for mission-speci? c con? guration requirements. balky comms system. With David Clark, they won’t have to.

Digital System Installation and Configuration

Mission-Ready Design & Technology Boat builders require ease of installation and setup, es-

The ZH-1300 OB features the patented MACH II (Mili- pecially those serving the military and government sectors tary Air Channeled Hull II), a hallmark of Zodiac design. such as Zodiac Milpro. Because the system operates on

Doug Hemphill, Technical Director at Zodiac Hurricane Power-over Ethernet (PoE), all cabling, with the exception

Technologies, explains, “The MACH II hull is more ef? cient of the radio interfacing, is Cat5E. This common commu- than a standard Deep V hull and more dynamically stable nications cabling contributes to ease of installation. “A real compared to stepped hulls. This combination allows for high- concern among military and ? rst responder end users is er speed, better fuel economy and excellent maneuverability.” system con? guration complexity,” said Daigle. “We’ve de-

As with all Zodiac Milpro craft, the ZH-1300 also incorpo- signed the Series 9100 Digital system for ease of use and rates a patented Durarib collar design combining foam and air con? guration to meet the needs of diverse mission proto- technology to provide robust strength and impact resistance. cols.” Because the system uses a web browser type graphic

The critical importance of clear communication in the pa- interface for programming, it can be con? gured by any trol boat sector cannot be underestimated. The communica- technician with a laptop and Ethernet cord. “The installa- tion challenges at 55+ knots in high winds and rough water tion and integration of the Series 9100 intercom system on conditions are daunting. “The digital communication system the ZH-1300 OB was easy and smooth, facilitated by com- is a game changer,” said Metayer. “It is very valuable on high prehensive and clear installation manuals,” said Hemphill.

speed boats like ours. The system discerns between noise and speech to enhance clarity. This makes communication very ef- Ongoing Support fective as opposed to standard ‘hot-mic’ intercom and makes Zodiac Milpro and David Clark Company each have for a very quiet ride, even at speeds in excess of 50 knots.” over 20 years’ experience in serving the RHIB/HSC mili-

Ease of communication is further enhanced with an in- tary and law enforcement markets. They also share a com- tegrated momentary push-to-talk (PTT) switch, intuitive- mon commitment to product service and support for ly located on the headset microphone bracket. The conve- their respective customers. “David Clark has proven to niently located PTT provides simultaneous mic/? ex boom be very responsive to customer and special requirements, adjustment and transmission – saving critical seconds in including military radio interface and system installation stressful situations. Voice transmissions are also improved assistance. Their worldwide support is also an important by the advanced, M2-H electret microphone for optimal factor in military/professional applications,” said Hemp- noise cancellation and speech clarity. hill. He adds, “Ultimately, the most important charac- teristic is the performance of the equipment. There have

Wired and Wireless Communication Flexibility been no problems and the feedback from customers has

One of the primary bene? ts of the David Clark Digital been positive with regards to quality of communication

Intercom System is the ? exibility to integrate both wired and simplicity of use.”

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