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Inland Waterways

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WFSA’s 5th Annual Design Competition downtown New York. This year the students were asked to design a passenger ferry that could traverse the Singapore

Strait and access terminals in Indonesia, Malaysia and Sin- gapore and carry 300 passengers plus crew. The students were expected to take into consideration local weather pat- terns and traf? c conditions in the Malacca and Singapore

Strait. First Prize was awarded to a Singapore Collaborative team from the Nanyang Technological University, Singa- pore Management University and Newcastle University in Singapore. Among other unique design considerations,

The 1st and 2nd prize awardees of the 5th Annual In- diesel is the fuel source supplemented by solar power gen- ternational Student Design Competition for a Safe Af- erated by a huge malleable screen at the top of the vessel. fordable Ferry were honored at a reception on March 22 Additionally, the team thought through design for opera- at the annual Ferry Safety and Technology Conference in tions in the event of a serious accident.

Lake Assault Delivers for TDFPD

Lake Assault Boats has delivered a 32-foot ? reboat, named Marine 24, to the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection

District (TDFPD) in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The boat is designed to respond to a wide range of emergencies, in- cluding structural and wildland ? res, and on-the-water rescue operations. It is funded, in part, by donations and fees collected for membership in an innovative fee-for-ser- vice program. The progressive V-hull, landing craft-style ? reboat is out? tted with twin 350 hp Mercury Verado four-stroke outboard engines, and is equipped with the

Skyhook Digital Anchor and Joystick Piloting systems that signi? cantly improve the craft’s on-the-water perfor- ate bow door (with an integrated ladder), a port side dive mance. The boat also sports a 74-inch hydraulically oper- door, and hose storage compartments.

The National Security Multi-mission Vessel Program has legs to begin the long-sought State Maritime Academy Train- ing Ship Replacement Program. Known as the National

Security Multi-mission Vessel (NSMV), this new-build re- placement training ship program will improve the training and stabilize the production of mariners by the nation’s maritime academies for decades to come. Work to advance this program began over 8 years ago and now, completion of the ? nal design and construction of the ? rst vessel can commence. These state-of-the-art training platforms will each carry 600 cadets and 100 of? cers and crew. They will also be designed to support FEMA in times of national

Credit: Herbert Engineering / Marad emergency. It is expected that the ? rst ship – hopefully of many in this class – is scheduled to replace SUNY Mari-

When President Donald Trump signed the FY18 Om- nibus spending bill into law, that budget included $300M time’s aging Empire State.

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