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INSIGHTS “Chemitainer” design. We are currently servicing projects that run the gamut from LNG carriers, to large bulk car- riers, to container carriers, to bunkering barges to railcar carriers. If a ship can do it - an AT/B can do it. It is that simple. We are also seeing inquiries for smaller AT/B’s - tugs under 3000 HP and barges under 250 feet.

Robert P. Hill

Some aspects of U.S. yards are doing well – ferries, for

President, example. How active is the ATB buyer market? Has it changed much? What are they asking for? Rank these

Ocean Tug & Barge in order of preference for today’s domestic operators.

Engineering Corp.

We are seeing a wider range of clients than perhaps 10 years ago. We continue to design for traditional clients obert (Bob) Hill of Ocean Tug & Barge Engineer- such as tug and barge companies, but increasingly we are ing Corp., of Milford, MA has specialized in the being contacted by traditional shipowners, commodity

Rdesign of AT/B’s for many years. Hill’s name is, in brokers, and industrial clients. Our workload potential has most maritime circles – here and across the big pond – syn- expanded so much that it at times eclipses our staff size onymous with the words “articulated tug/barge systems.” and to that end, a major announcement about our

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