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Propulsion Technology

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US Coast Guard

Zukunft Schultz Michel Ray Korney Fernstrum chel, who also retired from the Coast

Metal Shark Acquires

Guard after 33 years of service to the the Assets of Horizon nation as part of the ceremony, received

Shipbuilding the Homeland Security Distinguished Following a motion approved by the

Service Medal from the 25th Comman- U.S. Bankruptcy Court Southern Dis- dant of the Coast Guard Adm. Paul F. trict of Alabama on June 5th, 2018,

Zukunft. Adm. Ray recently served Louisiana-based shipbuilder Metal as the deputy commandant of opera- Shark has acquired the assets of Ala- tions where he led the development of bama-based Horizon Shipbuilding.

Coast Guard operational strategy, pol- Metal Shark’s CEO Chris Allard ex-

SUNY Maritime icy, guidance and resources to address plained the move, saying, “This acqui-

Mourns Loss of

Coast Guard and national priorities. sition will dramatically expand Metal


Shark, as we add an impressive Ala-

Cashman Equipment

James McKoy bama facility to our growing portfolio

Adds Korney as Business of shipyards and leverage Horizon’s ex-

Development Manager pertise in the construction of steel ves-

Long tenured, much loved

Andrew Korney has joined Cashman sels.” Metal Shark assumes ownership and respected SUNY Maritime

Equipment Corporation (CEC) as of a 35-acre shipbuilding facility in the

Professor James “Jim” McKoy their Business Development Manager. Mobile Bay region, with separate east passed away in June after a long

CEC has one of the world’s largest and west yards both fronting a dredged illness. SUNY President RADM and youngest

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