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All American Marine, Inc.Detyens Shipyards


All American Marine began operations over 30 years ago Detyens Shipyards, Inc., a family-owned and operated by specializing in building aluminum ? shing vessels used company located in Charleston, SC. Detyens Shipyards from Washington to Alaska. With the decline of the com- has continually emphasized customer service, family val- mercial ? shing industry in the 1990’s, All American needed ues, and safety in the workplace since its inception in 1962. to not only adapt to a changing marketplace, but set the The Port of Charleston offers deep water access and is con- standard for aluminum vessel manufacturing moving for- venient to Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico trade ward. In 1999, AAM established an exclusive design agree- routes and ports. Detyens Shipyards has successfully dry ment for North America with Teknicraft Design of Auck- docked hundreds of vessels from myriad nations and ? ags, land, New Zealand. Innovative hull design and cutting-edge as well as thousands of U.S. ? agged workboats and U.S. manufacturing techniques has added value to its operators. Government vessels. Detyens Shipyards primary product

In 2017, AAM relocated to a new state of the art facility and service is ship repair and conversions, offering extensive on Bellingham Bay. With increased production capacity, a crane services and craft workshops, warehousing, safety, highly skilled and growing workforce, and new opportuni- quality assurance, three graving dry docks, a ? oating dry ties to incorporate future technologies and innovations into dock, and six deep water piers with ample power and vessel our projects, AAM is able to produce the most advanced services. The ? rm recently expanded its pipe and hull shop vessels for client requirements. From electric hybrid vessels capabilities, added new ? re pumps along the piers, installed to the leading edge in catamaran and monohull production, a new paint and drying booth, as well as added additional the future is bright for All American Marine. The mission workshops for large vessel equipment overhauls. Detyens is simple: to deliver high value, leading innovation, and a Shipyards is a one stop ship repair and conversion facility.

commitment to integrity from initial design conversations, Recent projects include the USNS Lewis and Clark, to production, to our warranty pledge after delivery. DOF-Skandi Achiver, USNS Lenthall, USN Apache,

Crescent Towing Tug Bulldog, USNS Stockham, Cape

THE CASE: Douglas, Yano, Shugart, USNS Spearhead, USNS Yuma,

Since 1987, All American Marine has been on the cut- NOAA Nancy Foster, Great Lakes Terrapin Island, USNU ting edge of aluminum vessel design and manufacturing. As Big Horn, USNS Grumman, Super Servant 4, Laramie, the exclusive Teknicraft builder for North America, AAM is Alakai, USNS Williams, and the USNS Robert Perry.

pioneering ultra low wake wash vessels, building high speed catamarans, and will soon launch the ? rst in a line of hybrid THE CASE: vessels. Launching in the Summer of 2018 is the Enhydra Detyens Shipyards is more than just ship repair facil- for Red & White Cruises. A 600 Passenger monohull ferry ity. Hard work, dedication, and the goal to provide eco- will be the ? rst Lithium Ion powered hybrid vessel in North nomical ship repair services are the benchmarks behind the

America, in a partnership with BAE systems. Following Detyens Shipyards motto, “Customer before Company, another full electric vessel for Kitsap Transit, All Ameri- Employee before Owner, Family before Self, and Safety can will undergo the construction of two additional Rich Above All.” The size of the project doesn’t matter; Detyens

Passage-class passenger ferries. And with its new state-of- will do what it takes to keep its customers satis? ed and the-art facility in Bellingham, they are just getting started. coming back year after year.

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