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Chris Deegan

Donald L Blount and

Credit: Craig Alness


Associates, a Division

Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering was founded in 1994. In of Gibbs & Cox, Inc.

its 24 year history, it has been at the forefront of the devel-

THE COMPANY: opment of the AT/B (Articulated Tug/Barge) in this hemi-

This ? rm’s founder, Donald L. Blount, has left a legacy sphere. The ? rm has introduced many innovations into the of high-performance designs introduced to the maritime tug and barge world and numbers among its clients most of world ahead of their time. All types of marine vessels have the major tug and barge operators in the United States, and bene? tted from DLBA advancements in marine technol- many of the major oil companies. It’s reach goes beyond the ogy, speci? cally in the area of hydrodynamics and propul- vessels it designs – OT&BE are co-patentors of the origi- sion. As technology evolves, the design and construction of nal Intercon Connection System, and hold a co-patent with marine vessels require specialization in an increasing num- Taisei Engineering in Tokyo, for a new type of Articouple ber of disciplines. While the ? rm prides itself on keeping connection system. OT&BE’s founder and President has abreast of the advancements of marine technologies, these AT/B design experience going back to 1980 when he de- developments have required DLBA to collaborate with ex- signed his ? rst Articouple AT/B for Sun Transport.

perts, and they regularly work as a member of a team. As a result, the ? rm has built worldwide relationships with RECENT HIGHLIGHTS some of the most prestigious and successful research facili- OT&BE Corp. remains at the forefront of AT/B design ties, technical consultants, builders, designers, and marine for both Jones Act and International service. Notable recent equipment manufacturers. Donald L. Blount and Associ- deliveries in the past 18 months of designs include AT/B Tugs ates has built a state-of-the-art design team of experienced for Moran (3), Kirby (2), Savage Marine (2) and Reinauer (3, project managers, naval architects, engineers, 3-D model- all in 2018). In terms of barges, the innovative Anhydrous ers, and designers. That marriage of professionals and the Ammonia barge “HARVEST” and the product and crude design tools can ease the path to successful projects. Their oil barge, RTC 165 were delivered. The ? rm, co-patentor expertise and experience in the application of new technol- with the world’s two major AT/B connection system builders ogies to all types of marine vessels is what allows them to ex- in the world, Intercon and Articouple, also sits on the Task cel in meeting challenging requirements. Recent highlight Group updating USCG NVIC 2-81, the Coast Guard Policy include a 55’ Fireboat for city of Portland, OR (Vigor), regulation covering AT/B’s, and on the ABS Rules Commit- a 64’ Survey boat for USACE (Metal Shark), a 64’ Pilot tee for Vessels Under 90 meters and Ocean Barges.

boat for Brazos Pilots (Metal Shark) a 36’ RIB for Newport

Coastal Adventures (Ribcraft USA), a 150’ Coastal Patrol THE CASE:

Craft and a 70’ High Speed Interdiction Vessel Robert (Bob) Hill of Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering

Corp., of Milford, MA has specialized in the design of AT/B’s

THE CASE: for many years. Hill’s name is, in most maritime circles, syn-

DLBA was founded in 1988 as a naval architecture ? rm onymous with the words “articulated tug/barge systems.” As specializing in the development of high-performance marine probably the world’s most experienced designer of large artic- craft. The ? rm specializes in the design, construction man- ulated tug/barge (AT/B) systems, Hill’s success comes from a agement, and testing of commercial, military, paramilitary willingness to innovate. In a nutshell, his ? rm has had a hand and recreational vessels. For 30 years, DLBA has pioneered in over 70% of the operational AT/B’s in service in America – the application of cutting-edge technologies to marine vessels. including, 80% of those built or converted since 1994.

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