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Founded in 1975, W&O is a leading source for special al- loy pipe, valves, and ? ttings with over $65+ million in stock.

Over the years, W&O has broadened its offerings to include value added engineered solutions including pumps, actua- tion expertise and assembly, consultancy, and project-man- agement organization. Around the clock, every day of the year, W&O provides mission-critical products and services from myriad strategically located service centers. It’s this kind of responsiveness and proactive spirit that sets the ? rm apart.

W&O operates their global branch network from Jackson- ville, FL. The network includes 14 locations in the USA, 2 in Canada, and one each in Europe and now Singapore.


Over time, W&O has continuously expanded its products

Rich Merhige and territories and is now one of the world’s largest suppliers of pipe, valves, ? ttings, engineered products and automa-

Advanced Mechanical tion to the marine and upstream oil and gas industries. The

Enterprises/AME ? rm serves all segments, including commercial shipping, the U.S. Navy, Military Sealift Command, MARAD, U.S. THE COMPANY:

Coast Guard, barge owners and shipyards. W&O provides AME is a machinery and mechanical services compa- convenient access to complete valve-automation networked ny that specializes in vibration diagnostics and precision systems that are assembled, tested, delivered and ready to alignment of propulsion systems using state-of-the-art install in vessels and/or oil and gas platforms. When the in- equipment and procedures. Additional areas of specialty land barge industry started to see requirements for reduced include ultrasonic & infrared diagnostics, diesel engine fugitive emissions, W&O introduced Chesterton Live Load condition monitoring, shaft torque & power measure- packing systems which meet API and EPA guidelines. With ments, fabrication, welding, machining, line boring, ? eld the acquisition of EMI in 2016, W&O has expanded its balancing and hydraulic services and repair. AME is also a portfolio of products and capabilities. EMI’s suite of Sub- recognized external specialist for condition monitoring by chapter M compliant systems are designed for inland mar- ABS and an authorized distributor for PRUFTECHNIK kets. These cost-effective systems are stand-alone and easy to Laser Alignment & Condition Monitoring Systems, Win- install in retro? t and new build applications. drock Diesel Engine Condition Monitoring Systems and

Wartsila Seals and Bearings.


W&O, a leader in the marine industry for more than 40 THE CASE: years, operates 18 strategically located branches throughout Since its inception in 1992, AME has been commis- the world with more than 330 maritime professionals. From sioned worldwide to consult on some of the most complex supplying pipe, valves and ? ttings to offering advanced tech- vibration/noise and alignment projects for a variety of ap- nical solutions to the marine and offshore industries, W&O is plications, including those on workboats, yachts, pumping a leader in technology, service, quality products and solutions. stations, power plants and manufacturing facilities.

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