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James Espino



Gnostech is an applied engineering and consulting com-

THE COMPANY: pany that supports the maritime industry, Department of

David Clark specializes in providing communication so- Defense, and Department of Homeland Security. Gnostech lutions for high-noise environments. The ? rm’s noise-atten- offers maritime organizations a holistic and tailorable ap- uating headset systems are used worldwide in applications proach to mitigate cyber risk. Gnostech uses state-of-the- where clear communication is critical. An ISO9001 qual- market technologies, develops a comprehensive maintenance ity assurance system is designed to meet the most stringent and sustainment program, and implements automated solu- testing standards to ensure product excellence. The David tions to eliminate vulnerabilities without disrupting mission

Clark Company Series 9100 Digital Marine Communica- critical operations. A one size ? ts all cybersecurity solution tion system has recently been installed on the Zodiac Hur- is not suf? cient for maritime organizations. As diverse as ricane ZH-1300, 13-meter interceptor demo boat – the the maritime industry, so are Gnostech’s offerings under the newest and largest boat in the Zodiac Hurricane range. SafeHarbor services and solutions line. Gnostech’s automat- ed patch management and vulnerability remediation tool,

THE CASE: VulnX, secures systems, and is designed speci? cally for the

David Clark Company has a proven track record of pro- maritime industry and operational environment.

viding Wired, Wireless and Digital marine communica- tion system solutions for more than 15 years. David Clark THE CASE:

Marine Intercom Systems have been installed for crew Cybersecurity is an advancing issue for the maritime in- communications on Coastal Interceptor Vessels (CIV) for dustry. Cyber threats pose environmental, ? nancial, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Cus- safety to shipping and offshore operations. Gnostech can toms and Border patrol, as well as the Cutter Boat-Over- safeguard both the security and integrity of maritime sys-

The-Horizon (OTH) and Special Purpose Craft-Law En- tems, assets, and facilities based on advanced knowledge forcement (SPC-LE) for the U.S. Coast Guard. and technical expertise in all maritime domains.

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