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Communications in ‘Fast Attack’ Mode

Among the most important considerations in out? tting any fast attack craft is the critical nature of crew-to-crew communications.

With David Clark, MetalCraft has long had that box ‘checked.’

Edited by Joseph Keefe here are many obstacles facing boat manufacturers SeaCross High Speed Navigation System. A deck-mount- involved in the design and out? tting of patrol inter- ed rail system provides ? exibility for Shockwave seating,

T ceptor type vessels. This workboat segment is char- benches, and chart tables. It’s equipped with a high-speed acterized by incessant demands for advanced design and in? ation/de? ation wing collar system for rapid deploy- new technology to accommodate the requirements of high ment from trailer to underway in minutes.

performance and increasingly complex mission protocols. When it came to ? nding the ideal communications

MetalCraft Marine is one such manufacturer that is meeting OEM, MetalCraft ultimately chose the David Clark Se- these challenges head on, evidenced by the company’s recent ries 9100 Digital System, and for very good reason. For expansion of its successful 7-12 meter Interceptor line with the ? rm’s Long Range Interceptor program, whose craft the addition of the 10-meter, Fast-Attack Interceptor. are subjected to some of the worst environmental condi-

Chris Toller, Project Manager, Patrol and Military Crafts tions while underway or stored on the back of the National for MetalCraft Marine US, oversaw the metal construction Security Cutter ? eet, the most important benchmark turn and out? tting of the new 10M Interceptor, as well as the out to be the intallation of an effective wireless commu- inshore and offshore trials. “MetalCraft set out to build nication system that could enable effective crew-to-crew the most mission-capable boat that is con? gurable to meet comms. The focus of the boat is accessibility and freedom the needs of a vast array of end users, yet is cost-effective of movement – therefore it was paramount that crews were to build and has leading performance characteristics,” said not limited by cables. Added bene? ts, said Toller, were the

Toller. “The 10M Fast-Attack Interceptor has met these con? guration customizations – a wealth of options to limit objectives with a modular, actively con? gurable design.” or enhance user experience.

Virtually every feature of the boat’s design and equip- ment complement the over-arching objective of modular Critical Crew Comms ? exibility and fast response. The 10M Interceptor is capa- Among the most important considerations in out? tting ble of speeds up to 60 knots and features a state-of-the-art, the 10M Interceptor craft is the critical nature of crew-

Image above: David Clark Over-the-Head style digital headsets provide outstanding comfort, clear audio and voice transmission clarity for reliable crew communications.

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