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Compact Wireless Belt Stations connect to digital headsets enabling users to retain critical crew communications while moving about the craft or while on board another craft.

David Clark Behind-the-Head style digital headset is designed to be worn with or without protective helmets. All David Clark digital headsets are built for maximum comfort and durability in the harshest marine environments. and a pair of Wireless Gateways with remote antenna. The taneous boom/mic adjustment and transmit capability.

Master Station, hard-wired to the Wireless Gateway, is the heart of the system, providing high performance Ethernet/ Repeat Customer, Critical Component

IP versatility and offering a modular approach to system MetalCraft Marine has specialized in world-class, high- interface connectivity. Each Gateway unit, with advanced speed ? re and crew boats for over 30 years. Well acquaint- wireless DECT technology, allows connectivity for up to ed with David Clark Company’s more than 15-year track four (4) users with full system functionality and wireless record in providing marine communication system solu- mobility within a range of at least 300 feet. The Wireless tions, and having used them on select ? re and patrol boats

Gateways feature a built-in internal antenna, with an addi- it has manufactured in the past, the continuation of that tional connection for an optional remote antenna, further relationship in this case was a ‘no-brainer.’ ensuring proper RF signal propagation. All system compo- For its part, the Interceptor line has allowed MetalCraft nents are rugged, marine-grade design and provide corro- to greatly expand its product range into the tactical and en- sion resistance, wide ranging temperature tolerance, high forcement communities. The USCG Long Range Intercep- performance shock/vibration absorption, and superior dust tor, an 11 boat contract for high-speed interdiction, enforce- and water ingress protection. ment, and SAR missions, started the transition into this

David Clark Digital Communication headsets are avail- new market. Since the LRI development, and the successful able in a variety of models, including over-the-head and delivery of nineteen 9M Interceptors to two elite military behind-the-head styles for use with military ballistic hel- groups, the line has grown rapidly in popularity and success. mets. Headsets provide maximum comfort and durability For much of that journey, David Clark Communications while ensuring clear, crisp communication in the harshest Systems have been on board as a valued and integral partner. conditions. All headsets feature Quick-Release connec- Chris Toller sums it up nicely when he says, “My experi- tors for switching from wired to wireless communication ence with David Clark has been extremely positive. The [dig- modes in seconds. Headsets also a feature a PTT button ital communication] system was easy to install, tech support (redundant to the headset station PTT) that is convenient- was available as needed, and it has enhanced the demonstra- ly located at the microphone bracket, making it easy to tions of our 10M Interceptor. MetalCraft would certainly ? nd in the most stressful situations while affording simul- consider installing David Clark systems on future boats.”

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