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fuel consumption, according to the used as a passenger tender for visiting pilot association. Berrie noted that cruise ships and also for lighthouse

Gladding-Hearn is also building new and nature tours. The catamaran is pilot boats for Alaska Pilots and Lake equipped with two Humphree 800

Charles Pilots, both with Humphree and two H1250 interceptors with interceptors and Active Ride Control. Active Ride Control.

“Passenger comfort is a number

Whale Watching in Comfort one priority for our new tour boat,

Acadia Explorer, a 98-foot cata- which operates on the Maine coast maran commissioned by Bar Har- where strong winds and currents are bor Whale Watching this summer, is often encountered,” said Matt Ketch- also using Humphree interceptors to en, vessel operations manager. “The give their passengers a smooth ride. Humphree interceptor system reduces

Also designed by Incat Crowther seasickness and discomfort regardless and built by Gulf Craft, the boat is of sea and wind conditions. The auto- matic tilt, list and turn control func- tions also improve performance and reduce fuel consumption.”

Fin Stabilizers for All Speeds

In addition to interceptors, Hum- phree builds and sells a range of

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