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marine engine dealer, then supplied Conrad Industries doesn’t let us down.” with the 21 engines and radiators. Vane Brothers has an “My customers are the mariners who operate and main- extensive history with John Deere. The company believes tain the equipment,” he adds. “I strive to meet their re- in standardization of equipment for many benefcial rea- quirements and expectations for safety, ease of operation, sons. Magdeburger says shoreside and afoat personnel are and maintenance. Truthfully, once a John Deere-equipped very familiar with John Deere because they use the engines vessel enters service, I rarely hear of an issue related to the throughout the feet on both tugs and barges. engines. And if I do, I’m confdent that the John Deere “We have many John Deere engines in our feet that support network will step up and help us resolve the issue are prime movers or that power generator sets,” Magde- in an effcient and timely manner. I’ve been very pleased burger reports. “So we already have a healthy inventory with John Deere.” of spare engines and parts. And we have built strong rela- Prime movers, gensets and/or main propulsion, Vane tionships with John Deere dealers throughout our area of has embraced the John Deere in all phases of their busi- operation along the East Coast. When it comes to engine ness. Like the reliability that John Deere has become fa- reliability and consistency over the long haul, John Deere mous for, that’s not about to change any time soon.

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