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SAFETY that’s Sub M with a TSMS. Look at system to continuously improve. Ken your risks and minimize them. You do Hebert is living proof that not only it everyday in the offce, in the wheel- can the small company comply with house or on deck. Now do it with the Sub M but that the three-boat com- bigger picture in mind. Then, docu- pany can be better than the big guys. ment what is required (maintenance, Not only has Gulf Coast Tugs become training, tests and inspections, etc) and better but they have pushed us and begin documenting risk assessments HelmCONNECT to be better.

(Voyage Plans, JSAs, Near Misses) and Sub M is not insurmountable (yet). soon it will all ft together. It’s not the But the clock is ticking. It is the law. way that you always did it, but maybe And that means that your vessels must the old way wasn’t all that good. Em- be in compliance with the law now. If brace this change. you have more than one towing vessel,

Our customers are the small tow- 25% of that feet must have a COI be- ing companies across America. If you fore July 22, 2019. That does not mean are in New York, look to Thomas J that the other 75% can be kept the way

Brown and Sons for an example. Jim you always kept a boat until it is their

Brown owns and operates the compa- turn for a COI. July 20, 2018 meant ny and vessels in the harbor. This law that all towing vessels subject to Sub M is a nuisance for Jim because his boats were required to be in compliance.

are yacht quality. They are impeccably

Pat Folan is a partner in Tug maintained and excellently crewed. & Barge Solutions and has

We installed HelmCONNECT for operated towing vessels from

Maine to Corpus Christi, TX, the recordkeeping with his TSMS and including the Alabama Rivers, now a great company is getting even

Lower Mississippi, Great Lakes and Erie better. Or if you are on the Gulf Coast

Canal. Tug & Barge Solutions exists to help companies and mariners adapt then Gulf Coast Tugs is the company and then grow with Sub M. Reach him to emulate. Another great company at using HelmCONNECT with our 43 MN

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