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Advanced Coatings Enhance

Aesthetics, Durability and Safety

As Maritime Partners LLC Coatings built out its modern ? eet of new tank barges, quality coatings and responsiveness to last-minute color changes supported that ? eet expansion. Sherwin-Williams was there to meet the challenge.

By Michael Manetta he hulking silhouette of a tank barge is instantly vice needs,” said Austin Sperry, Chief Operating Of? cer at recognizable to anyone who has spent time on the Maritime Partners LLC. “Therefore, we wanted to ensure shores of an inland waterway in the United States. the coating system we chose would facilitate reliable per-


These massive ? at-bottomed vessels help to maintain the formance anywhere our customers may operate.” healthy functioning of the domestic economy, transport- To meet the demanding service requirements for the ing vital commodities such as agricultural products, chem- tank barges, Maritime Partners selected a series of prim- icals and petroleum products. With more barges traversing ers, epoxies, polyurethanes and additives from Sherwin- waterways today, signs are pointing to a growing economy. Williams. In addition to providing important performance

Recognizing the barge market’s current growth poten- functions like corrosion resistance and non-skid service, tial, Maritime Partners LLC, an established player in the the coatings will maintain gloss and color after years of

U.S. maritime leasing industry, recently began building its service in the challenging marine environments in which own barges to lease directly to customers. As the Metairie, the barges will operate.

Louisiana-based company expands its role, it plans to build a safer ? eet of barges and pushboats. Most recently, the DEFINING PERFORMANCE DEMANDS company completed a build of six new 30,000-barrel tank The six new towable tank barges are among the latest barges for use on inland U.S. waterways. Seeking to deliver additions added to Maritime Partners’ ? eet. With plans for a durable and aesthetically pleasing long-term solution to future ? eet expansion, it was crucial for the vessel owner its leasing customers, Maritime Partners turned to Sherwin- to set a high standard for performance with this round of

Williams Protective & Marine Coatings to provide a pre- construction. The new barges will be responsible for trans- mium protective coating system for the new barges. porting a variety of commodities through inland rivers and “Our primary focus is on our customers and their ser- canals, requiring corrosion resistance to both freshwater

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