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INSIGHTS investor and Chairman Charles Good. After a few years of development, interest was sparked from the US Government and UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). The MoD’s Defence

Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) was so im- pressed by the concept, it agreed to provide Cox Powertrain with “invaluable technical assistance” in further developing the CXO300 for marine use, as well as providing US$3.18 million of funding. Following several prototype stages, we took the engine concept to the broader marine sector. It was then that we realized just how viable the development was and demand expanded further than the military sector.

The diesel outboard could be one of the most impor- tant developments for military small-boat operators in more than a decade. Would you agree?

Joel Reid

That is a big statement. It certainly seems to be raising sig- ni? cant attention not just from the military but from almost

Global Sales Director, every application in the marine environment. In this very heavily dominant outboard world we believe our 4 stroke V8

COX Powertrain diesel outboard engine has game-changing potential for both oel Reid joined Cox Powertrain in April 2015. He military and civil applications, offering a signi? cantly reduced holds an EMBA in Business from the University of weight and package size compared to conventional diesel in-

JChicago, a Master’s Degree in Marine Surveying board engines. Not only does it offer the torque and fuel ef- and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Reid ? ciency of a diesel inboard engine, it also addresses the im- has been instrumental in bringing Cox’s ground-breaking portant changes demanded by the NATO single-fuel policy. 300hp diesel outboard to market and has worked tire-

Cox Powertrain last year revealed the ? nal concept lessly over the last three years to create an enviable global of its highly anticipated diesel outboard engine, the distributor network. Reid currently focuses his efforts on

CXO300. What was the primary reason for developing sales, distribution and support in the US market, which the engine: Economics, safety or another purpose?

it is predicted to account for approximately 50% of Cox’s

The original drive was to allow the Navy to comply with diesel outboard sales globally. Reid is also ? nalizing the the NATO single fuel policy. However, as we shifted away company’s dealer network, which when ? nalized, will re- from developing a purely military engine to an off the shelf sult in Cox being represented worldwide by as many as 40 commercial engine that met military requirements, we start- distributors and 400 dealers in 60 different countries. The ed putting more focus on durability, fuel performance and

OXE diesel outboard, perhaps, got its initial push from the ease of service to appeal to the commercial applications. military and defense sectors. Today, it enjoys signi? cant at- tention from almost every application in the marine envi-

The ? nal concept of the CXO300 is based on the ronment. This month Reid explains why, where and how.

proven technology of a 4-stroke, V8 architecture. It is the world’s ? rst 300hp diesel outboard engine ever

As a heavy-duty diesel-powered outboard engine, the to have come to the marine market and will deliver

CXO300 brings a long-awaited single-fuel alternative some advantages over gasoline outboards. Describe to the global commercial workboat market. What was some of those advantages.

the nexus of the idea?

The Cox Powertrain diesel engine has 100% higher peak

The original concept of a high-powered performance die- torque than the leading gasoline 300hp outboards and is sel outboard was an idea of Cox’s founder David Cox, and 60% higher when compared with a leading 350hp gasoline

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