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T e OXE Diesel Outboard Arrives

Credit: OXE

Swedish manufacturer Cimco Marine has developed the world’s f rst 200hp diesel marine outboard – named the OXE Diesel – for maritime security agencies, yacht tenders, municipalities and military applications.

By Rick Eyerdam s Trace Laborde, Marine Manager for Laborde Non-Disaster Grants in the Port Security category. The

Products, said, “The OXE diesel is the com- OXE and its EPA Tier 3 emissions compliance will exceed plete package, a true diesel engine. It’s great for all the criteria when apply for outboard grants.

any maritime application that requires fuel ef? - “OXE is the ? rst EPA approved CI diesel outboard on

A ciency, simple maintenance, compliance with all European the market. We are excited to be at the forefront of devel- and EPA Tier 3 regulations, and unmatched performance. oping new technologies and leading the global outboard

There is no other choice than the OXE diesel.” That’s high market to new emission levels” says Christer Flodman, praise, predictably coming from one of OXE’s authorized R&D Technical Manager at Cimco Marine. “That’s one

North American distributors, but in this case, the talk is small step for OXE, one giant leap for outboard emissions” matched by this OEM’s proven performance. With diesel engines – also known as CI engines – the

Separately, and in March 2016 Hurtigruten Cruises ac- combustion of fuel takes place due to the heat generated cepted their ? rst order of 15 Cimco diesel outboard en- by the compression of fuel and air inside the cylinder. CI gines through Cimco’s Norwegian distributor Link Norge means ‘compression ignition’ and is far safer than petro-

AS, for use in Antarctica, and they are still operating as leum ignited by a spark plug, or any other spark.

promised. The reasons why are evident enough. Over the span of three years, Cimco Marine developed and matched the proven diesel power plant, the GM EURO 5 compliant engine. In marinizing this engine, mounting

Developed, Compliant – and on the Market

The OXE was recently approved by the United States it horizontally and taking on the design plus manufactur-

Environmental Protection Agency as the ? rst and only Tier ing of a gearbox and foot they achieved the high torque 3 diesel outboard for commercial use. This is important for this marinized diesel can produce, Laborde explained.

Along the way, adds Mr. Laborde, Cimco engineers moved all maritime agencies; local, state and federal who apply each year for the millions of dollars available for FEMA the entire service components to the front of the engine so

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