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Propulsion Technology

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U.S. Vessels: a cornucopia of engine rehab possibilities …

TYPE / AGE TOTALS <= 5 6-1011-1516-2021-25>25

TOTALS 42,542 6,8817,0654,2016,740 4,24313,353

Self-Propelled 9,410 837 925 652 814 4465,740

Dry Cargo 832 48 60 104 93 67 460

Tanker 79 21 22 14 7 3 12

Pushboat 3,382 421 353 169 196 1062,137

Tugboat 2,462 128 243 139 185 84 1,683

Passenger 881 27 31 54 87 102 580

Offshore Supply 1,774 191 215 172 246 84 866

Source: USACE especially Caterpillar and Cummins,” explains Roach. Be- components. “ECOTIP” technology for EMD engine yond this, a rapidly aging domestic ? eet has thrifty owners, applications is an example of one of these components. in particular those smaller ‘mom and pop’ operators, turn- This technology dramatically reduces exhaust particulates ing more often to engine overhaul as an economical way to and signi? cantly improves fuel economy for rail, marine, extend the life of their tonnage. And, why not? power and industrial applications.

Although Interstate-McBee has supplied parts to a num- “Certainly, the Ecotip technology can be a signi? cant ber of OEM’s over the years, its primary focus has been factor in improving the emissions level for an engine,” ex- aftermarket replacement parts. Roach explains, “Our tar- plains Roach, adding quickly, “We have provided Ecotip get market is engines that are out of the OEM warranty injectors to various engine builders who have incorporated period.” But, that doesn’t mean that Interstate-McBee isn’t these injectors into their own emissions certi? ed kits.” part of the solution when it comes to cleaning up the envi- And, while emissions involve more than just fuel injec- ronmental footprint of workboats. They are. tors, the Ecotip is a key component in many current EPA

Since the 1990’s, Interstate Diesel designed, patented emission certi? ed engines operating in various markets. and marketed a variety of revolutionary fuel injection Beyond this, the Ecotip injector can also be used during

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