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The Case:


Founded by industry pioneer Parker Conrad, Conrad Ship-

The USCG (SubM) option boats are required to perform yard is committed to its founding principles of Safety, Quality, a MOB drill for the USCG at the time of COI. In response, Craftsmanship, Integrity, and Service. Now in its 71st year of the C-Hero MOB system can be an incredibly simple and delivering rugged and reliable vessels, new generations of the affordable solution to that challenge. Designed for work- Conrad family have followed their founder’s advice to “only boats and barges, the Rescue Davit is a portable lightweight build vessels worthy of bearing the Conrad name.” man overboard lifting davit that quickly attaches to a bitt on a boat. The straps and brackets on back of the unit allow The Company: customization for any bitt. The davit is light enough (38 Conrad Shipyard, established in 1948 and headquar- lbs) for one person to retrieve and carry into position. It tered in Morgan City, Louisiana, designs, builds and over- attaches to the bitt in less than 30 seconds. One person on hauls tugboats, ferries, lift boats, barges, offshore supply deck can hoist a 158.8 kg (350 lbs) person aboard using the vessels and other steel and aluminum products for both included Harken Industrial 20STA Radial winch (can be commercial and government markets. The company pro- upgraded to a 35.2 STA Radial 2-speed winch). The boom vides both repair and new construction services at its ? ve is long enough to clear tires and fenders; the worm gear shipyards located in southern Louisiana and Texas. Diver- controls the boom swing. Use the Rescue Davit with the sity of offerings has been Conrad Shipyard’s niche. Built at

VR 12 Rescue Pole, sold separately, to complete the system. its Orange, Texas shipyard, Conrad delivered the CLEAN

The C-Hero system provides a proven three-minute MOB JACKSONVILLE, the ? rst LNG Bunker Barge built in recovery while underway. The C-Hero Rescue Davit, fruit of North America, in August of 2018. The CLEAN JACK- smith’s labors, is a lightweight portable man overboard sys- SONVILLE is currently serving LNG-powered vessels in tem, which consists of a small crane and a self-tailing Harken the Port of Jacksonville. As LNG is becoming a more popu- winch, that quickly attaches to any bitt on a boat. The radial lar fuel choice for marine vessels due to the environmental, winch in this system provides mechanical assistance that al- economic and safety bene? ts, Conrad LNG is actively en- lows a rescue to be performed by a single crewmember. The gaged in the development of marine vessel designs and oth- crane’s boom is long enough to clear tires and fenders. er LNG-related research and development project. Conrad

Harken Industrial announced a manufacturing and dis- LNG is poised to a leader in LNG-vessel development and tribution agreement for the complete C-Hero Man Over- construction and continues to pursue LNG opportunities. board Rescue System. The system will be manufactured With ? ve modern and expansive shipyards; an experienced to ISO 9001standards by Harken Industrial in Pewaukee, workforce and computerized manufacturing equipment;

WI, and distributed by California-based C-Hero in the multi-disciplined engineers; and a management team laser

United States. For workboat operators in domestic waters, focused on customer satisfaction, Conrad Shipyard is well that’s especially important in light of the new subchapter positioned to provide cost-effective solutions to complex

M rules that now speci? cally require MOB drills to take shipbuilding challenges. Conrad Shipyard is committed to place. For the nation’s 6,000+ subchapter T, H and K pas- delivering high quality marine assets and services which senger vessels, it could mean the difference between life meet all regulatory and contractual requirements. Recent and death for a struggling passenger. Already in use on deliveries include the LNG bunker barge Clean Jackson-

Foss Maritime workboats, this proven MOB system comes ville (August 2018), the last of four Kapena Class Tugs for along at arguably just the right time. / Young Brothers (May 2019) and delivery of a Vane ATB (March 2019).

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